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Bad Dog's A319, A320, and A321 paint thread

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Burkhard, or BadDog, a question: Following the development of those magnificent new models and paints, I'm curious about their 'backward compatibilty'. Apart from FSX I still have FS9 up and running, with the matching MT version. Is is possible to replace some of the old models/paints with the new ones, or are they exclusively for FSX?

Kind regards and 'chapeau' for your work!

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This depends on the model.

The 737s, the MD80 and 87, and the Dash 8s were the last aircrafts developped for FS9, or the first aircrafts that left the bounds of backwards compatibility. The textures used on these models are widely identical to those on the new models, so you can use their textures for FS9.

The new A320,A330,A340 have a completely new texture layout and cannot be used for FS9.

For further new models, this has to be checked per model if the old texture layouts still can be used or not. If they can, I will do so, because repainting a complete family is hard work.

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@Burkhard: I seem to have missed the A330 or I would have gotten the MyTravel paint for it at the same time. I must have been asleep the day you published it. :(

@vikram1982: Welcome to the world of painting! Hope you have fun here - lots to do - lots to do... 8) You might want to change the texture detail to the highest setting, otherwise you get a blurry version of your paint when you preview it in FSX - in fact, I thought the paint was blurry until I looked at the actual bitmap you made. Overall, quite satisfactory - feel free to post here if you like. Happy painting!

I nearly forgot to mention - a quirk of the A320 paintkit is that the gray vertical line at the back end of the front fuselage sections has to be erased or else you get a gray line on your paint! :roll:

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Nice ones, again, and Vikram, welcome aboard! @Baddog, most of the big brothers are done, I will send it to you tomorrow. I had some time over the weekend while beta testers looked for the last little bug :) .

On the gray line, I do not get it, but maybe I shifted it one pixel out - too many aircrafts to remember.

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LTE International Airways, Spain.

@Bad Dog: I tried removing the line from the beginning of the tail section. The starboard side seems fine now and the line isnt showing up, but no such luck on the other side. Do I need to remove the line from the end of the fuselage too???




LTE A320.zip

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@BadDow - wow! I love that one.

At Vikram. This is not foreseen. If you need a special coloured wing, it would be better to create a special model than to flood the poor GPU with many hundreds of more textures.

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