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Create schedules, files & traffic problem

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I'm having this problem with MyTraffic 2006 (v 4.0a) where clicking to "Create schedules, files & traffic" never seems to end the process. First the "Calculating capacities" window shows up and then the "progress" window shows up but this takes 20 minutes or so to finish but then another calculating capacities window shows and the progress window appears again (again taking more time for the progress bar to reach the right). This appears to keep going on.

I added a file to make old Hong Kong's VHHX Kai Tak airport show up ( within scenery "kaitak98.zip"not named to indicate that it'sfor FS98 but meaning it's for pre 98 Kai Tak) and dumped the airports from fs2004 which was imported into the MyTraffic editor (where I edited VHHX to make it international and of country B). Then clicking the 'Create schedules, files & traffic' command makes the already mentioned problem occcur.

Here is my airport log text from when I dumped the airports from fs2004. This appears to have some issues;

65 has no hold short points

Z41 has no hold short points

CSR has no hold short points

PAWR has no hold short points

WA39 has no hold short points

EB01 has no runways

EB02 has no runways

K001 has no hold short points

LFLJ has no runways

LFKX has no runways

LF30 has no runways

LFHU has no runways

LF32 has no runways

LFHM has no runways

MW03 has no hold short points

MW01 has no hold short points

MW00 has no hold short points

OATN has no runways

TGM0 has no hold short points

TGM2 has no hold short points

YXFV has no runways

YXWL has no runways

YJNB has no hold short points

YKTN has no hold short points

YSX1 has no runways

YXMW has no runways

YSCR has no hold short points

YWPP has no hold short points

Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to get traffic to go to VHHX. Perhaps I should have updated to the latest patches

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The Create, Schedule files and traffic option will take several hours depending on the type of computer. The repeated processes you see are normal. Try leaving it overnight and you will find that it is done by morning.

The errors you see in the log affect those airports only (they might not get traffic in the regenerated schedules) but since VHHX is not on that list, you will still achieve your goal of having traffic at Kai Tak (provided you have imported data for VHHX into the Editor).

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Thanks Husain...

I just read this in another searched thread (although when I read that thread yesterday I thought it said this would take 15 minutes but it really said it would go through the cycle 15 times haha).

I'll try it overnight. Thanks

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OkI let it run it's course and it only took a few hours so I was able to try fs2004 and the nw traffic at kaitak98 scenery for VHHX in Hong Kongand it's now populated with traffictaxiing and taking off. I'll have to alter the wind direction tomorrow to see some landings at rwy 13 :lol:

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