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Vista, FSX and GoFlight

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My GoFlight modules work with FSX... provided I do NOT install FSUIPC (even the latest version). As soon as FSUIPC is loaded the GoFlight modules instantly stop working...

Is the problem with GoFlight or FSUIPC?

Neither I should think, as they don't really have any relationship with each other at allexcept via SimConnect, that part of FSX supporting both.

It's the first time anyone has reported this particular problem, so it evidently doesn't affect evey such user, but it does sounds like a typical example of some of the SimConnect problems experienced before. I don't know why these only affect some installations, but SimConnect does seem to sometmies have problems when there are two or more clients.

Are you sure FSUIPC isn't stopping working too? Please check the FSUIPC4 log, see what that says, and possibly obtain a SimConnect log -- directions for doing that are in the FSX Help announcement at the top of this Forum. I can look at those and see if I can see what is going wrong. ZIP them and send to petedowson@btconnect.com.

Please make sure you are using the latest version of FSUIPC4 first, though. If you are not already using version 4.08, download it and install it, and then get 4.088 from the FSX downloads announcement above.



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