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joystick problem / WideFS

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Dear Pete,

i use FS9.1 with FSUIPC & WideFS (registered).

Nearly everthing works fine. But now i have a problem with WideFS.

I built a joystick via Gameport (4 Buttons/4 potentiometers) connected at the client. It´s working perfect on the client, but on the server in fsuipc only the buttons are found. The Pots (2Axes/2rotarys) are not found.

I tried everything i could, i don´t know what to do anymore...

Is there a way to get them work? It should be recognized as a normal joystick (for some functions for my homecockpit)

Thank you very much for your support & your very good work!


Tobi (Germany/EDDS)

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... on the server in fsuipc only the buttons are found. The Pots (2Axes/2rotarys) are not found.

Client axes have never been supported by WideFS!

Before USB, when Game Ports only supported 4 axes and you were hard pressed to get more than one such port on a PC, I did think of adding this, but there's virtually no use made of game ports at all now, and USB can support up to 128 devices each with up to 8 axes, so it never has been worth adding.

Sorry. Best connect then to the FS PC -- there's no reason why you need to have them on a client and they'll be much better (no latency) on the server.



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