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Torgo talks specifically about AI aircraft, draw calls and performance related matters, which makes for very interesting reading. Further, he talks about how third party content can be better authored (performance-wise) for FSX to reduce draw calls. Since FSX SP1 has not changed the way AI aircraft are rendered (i.e. unlike autogen it is not off-loaded into other threads/cores) optimal authoring would seem like a good objective.

Is this the what is happening with the 5.2 update, models are being optimized in the way Torgo has described? Any other comments on Torgos article?

I still dream of 90% traffic and extremely dense scenery at places like LAX!

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Thanks for that link, very valuable! After reading I got the impression that I was lucky. I have extremely reduced the numbers of materials per plane more as a general cleanup than knowing we would benefit from it, so many of the new aircrafts now have two materials only when they are no longer screen filling - and that is where AI planes have to be fast, the one near to you is never a problem. I will keep an eye on this now, so I hope I can still improve the next released aircrafts beyond where we are now using this information.

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Glad I could help Burkhard.

Out of all the AI products, myTrafficX seems to have the most going for it right now, certainly in terms of the visible information in this community. I look forward to the 5.1 update, and if the models are anythling like the MD80 revisions that will be lots of good news.

I don't recall the numbers, but I loaded up heathrow with about 123 MD80s to see what the performance was like, and it seemed to be pretty good. And that was before SP1 where things seem to be even better. I'll run the test again when 5.1 hits.

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The MD83s and the other new models have been slightly overworked, mainly recompiled using the optimised compiler from the new SDK - the mdl code is much smaller and MS expects better perfromance, so do I. So with version 5.1, you will have very good performance and beautiful aircrafts wherever A340/330/B73X/MD8x/DHC8 are frequent. The other have to wait that I can start real work again...

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