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5.1 Performance is Excellent


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I am very pleased with 5.1. The new models are beautiful to look at, and the performance of even the quality version is great. As a performance test, I filled Heathrow with a mixture of 737/MD83, all 5.1 models and nothing else. This is something like 130+ aircraft. All my settings are full except scenery normal (no jetways), autogen off, airport vehicles minimum. For the first time I was able to fly over Heathrow and stayed very close to my 25fps lock all the time. It's still possible to kill it, e.g. max scenery or max airport vehicles, but where we are at right now is great.

Heading off to a regional airport like Birmingham, then I can get to Max scenery with all the jetways.

So all this is great, thank you very much and I look forward to move SP1 models. Some questions:

1) The jetways pop on parked aircraft when I fly past them. As I approach the jetway is detached then suddenly pops on. As I fly away the jetway pops off again and is detached.

2) Is it possible to program the traffic to have full airports with just new models, even if it is not quite "real world"? I tried with the Traffic SDK, but did not work out well so far. I can have a full airport with no arrivals, or an empty airport with many arrivals.





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Owning all three traffic packages (myTrafficX, Traffic and UT), it is MyX that is staying on my computer.

Perhaps I'll have another play with the SDK later. It compiles just fine and the airport schedule looks correct, but then some of the aircraft never show up.

I am certainly interested in your FSX SP1 traffic schedule. Anything I can do to help make it happen?

Don't forget my question about jetways, in case you have seen something like it.

Many thanks


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Maybe I have missunderstod the question.

But I think the reason that the jetways deattach when you are far away is a question about distans settings in the display menu?

Saw this at a new addon airport for FSX.

I don't know if this i relevant but set the scenery distans (or similliar in the settings) at a higher value.

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