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Post 5.1 fix requests

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That sounds good to me, lets see what happens to Tuifly and the Yellow Cab call sign.

But I think Tuifly will replace Hapag Lloyd completly in the future so I hope that in Version 5.1a we will fly together with the yellow airplanes in the sky.

Thank you and best reards

Markus from Hannover, Germany

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They are already painted, at least the 738... Currently the offical callsign is Excellence, from the British TUI airline ( ex Britannia, if I remember correctly) - looks like a real mess around it.

Last word on it - the blue looked better. At least two days ago I still saw a blue one in approach to EDDF.

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Yes, the blue one still fly but they will be replaced by the yellow one´s and the call sign excellence were used for the Hapag-Lloyd Express flights.

And also the blue Hapag-Lloyd planes as well as the Hapag-Lloyd Express plane using presently Yellow Cab as their call sign.

I think the yellow planes looking better, but the best paint scheme of Hapag-Lloyd was the old white-orange-blue scheme.

I have one another thing to increase realism of My Traffic X, I don´t know if you can do it, the departure and arrival frequency of the EDDV Hanover Airport is wrong in the game the correct one is 131.325.

I tried to fix it already with a bgl decompiler but its still the same wrong frequency 119.600 and 123.300.


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I have a request.. Try going to Bangalore (VOBG) or Chennai (VOMM) or Delhi or Mumbai airports.. When u go there, you can hardly see some 5 to 6 aircrafts present there and the number of take-offs / landings is miserably low.. Now, while this might have been the case in 1999/2000, it is no where close to reality these days.. These airports are currently chocked to death with (conisdering the Indian standards) atleast 25 aircrafts in the airport at any given time (atleast - these are small to medium sized airports). This is a far cry from what is present in MTX today.

So, can you make the changes to make sure there is more traffic in the Indian airports for 5.1a???


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Great product!

Say could you please add jetways to the following airports:

1) KLSE - has no jetways and no commerical aircraft (Northwest and American service here)



4) KBOS - for right aircraft at each gate

5) MRLB - no commercial aircraft


7) Juneau, Alaska



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I'm just getting back to enjoying my hobby after a long time off and I just downloaded the 5.1a incremental update. The new paints and lights look great! I've also noticed less black textures as many others have noted as well. Looks like the update has made a very positive improvement to an already great product.

I also noticed the addition of the Virgin America at KIAD! What a nice paint job.

Just a small nit that I've been forgetting to mention. If you check out departures in the communicator (all version including 5.1a) and go to KPIT, the name of the airport is Park Rapids Mun. I believe the correct name should be Pittsburg International, unless it changed over the past year. I'm not sure how this affects the game but thought I'd mention for a future fix.


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Did you wait long enough? The weird situation of the jetway wheels I get since FSX SP1 update, as long as they did not arrive. If I have actual frame rate below target frame rate, they may rest in this position for minutes until they move further, but after a while the wheels are back on the ground and they fit - please more observations.

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Well, i was observing the airport (VHHH) for quite some time and the wheels didn't move. That particular A340 was docked like that and i pulled up right beside it so that i can take a better look.I don't know if the jetway will dock properly when it actually lands and taxies; i just saw it like that. The weird thing is that today the A330, again at VHHH was spot on with the jetway not like in the screenshots.

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If you reduce traffic density and scenery complexity, does the problem remain, or do things get better? FSX has many sub systems that go weird if you ask the hardware to do more than it can do.


Have to check, would be easier for me if you cold tell which parkings.

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