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Jaap, yes, this is a FSX SP1 bug. We have no influence on these jetways, unfortunately, but to define the end point, and these are well defined on the models, as we could check oftenly. I also can say that I didn't see them going such strange ways with AccPack.

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Hello, I would like to tell you about two mistakes in My Traffic X which you might fix in the next update.

The first thing is, I miss the new Control tower in EDDV Hannover which is located West of Taxiway F. And the Taxiway Intersection between Taxiway L and F called Taxiway M is missing. In the newest Version of My Traffic X.

And the second thing is that all over the world the PAPI-System (Precision Approach Path Indicator) consist only of two lights instead of the normal four white/red lights since i installed My Traffic X.

And the third thing is the dep. and Arr. Frequency of EDDV, ETNW and ETHB is in reality 131.325 not 119.6 or 123.3.

Thanks and Good day :)


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Thanks. Neither a new tower nor any taxiways should be added, the geometry, and also the frequencies, are exactly the same as given by Microsoft for compatibility reasons, as far as possible. Or is the tower in stock FSX, but not in the MyTraffic version, than I would know a reason.

PAPI - a bit strange since that code never got touched, could you make a screen shot of it please?

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I made two screenshots of the PAPI and the Tower at EDDV.

In the original FSX Version the tower and the Taxiway is there.

Here are the screenshots. Taken with FSX with Service Pack 1 and FSX Acceleration Pack installed and as additional Scenery I have only German Landmarks installed. I use also FlusiFix for FSX.

Thank you and Good day




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