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First, let me tick you off for not taking better care of things you pay for! Best thing to do, when you receive notification of keys and so on, is to make a copy -- a printout, or a copy on disk or CD or another PC.

With FSUIPC-entered keys, you can and should backup your FSUIPC.KEY file. You will find this, after registration, in the FS Modules folder. The KEY file is an ordinary text file and you can read it with, say, NotePad, in order to know exactly what to re-enter.

Right, back to the present. The main point you should understand is that I am not at all involved in the issue of keys, excepting only those which I personally issued for those special cases of advanced donations made before July 2003.*

Commercial key generation is handled entirely by the retailers. They do all that stuff so that I can concentrate on development and support, and it is a very worthwhile system because of that. Whether they maintain a database of customers and keys issued and would therefore be able to verify and grant claims for re-issue is entirely up to them. Even if they do, I would not blame them if this is purged from time to time.

However, that said, I do know that if you purchased it from SimMarket then you can go to http://www.simmarket.com and open your account there, and retrieve your keys directly.

I hope this helps. But if not, then some proof of purchase will probably be required. So please do take care.



* There may also be the odd exception since then where FSUIPC and WideFS keys were purchased separately and with an email address change between. Where you know that the key was obtained directly from myself, I may be able to retrieve it given full details—write to me at petedowson@btconnect.com—but please note that I tend to purge my system at intervals too. Certainly anything more than a year will be a problem.

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