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Readout FMS data from FSX or PM CDU?

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is it possible to readout the complete flightplan or parts of the flightplan from the FMS in FSX or PM CDU?

Only by reading the file(s) themselves.

I need the data that the FMS sends to the ND in realtime.

If this is for the PM CDU only, then maybe that's possible via either PM's offsets or some other way in PM. Obviously the PM CDU is communicating the plan details to the ND, which is often on a separate PC. Perhaps you need to ask PM support about that?

Just checking my WideClient code (where I send the CDU-loaded flight plan name to Radar Contact so it can load the same plan), I get the CDU's "NetDir" as a string from offset 5B00, and load from that path a file called "ROUTE.BIN". The flight plan name is in the parameter "coroute=" in that file. There's probably other useful stuff there -- it will be what the ND uses.

The stuff from the GPS data in FSUIPC's other offsets is only for plans loaded into FS, and I don't think it is that reliable in any case. It certainly has nothing to do with the PM CDU plan.



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