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can i actually use the same FSLook that i used on FS2004 for FSX ??

i tried rectly but they said its of incorrect WideFS installation

FSLook was written to test Gauge variable access in FS2000. It did work through to FS2004 because the Gauge system was broadly compatible. However it won't work in FSX. And the message you should have got, if you used it on the same PC as FSX, was "Error: IPC message failure: not correct FSUIPC installation?".

However, its close cousin "FSLook2" will work perfectly well, as that was written using the standardised FSUIPC interface, not the Gauge interface. However, its list of Gauge-type variables has not been updated for some time, so it will not reflect any new provisions in FSX.

The best way to see FS variables, and indeed to manipulate them in real time, is via FSInterrogate. The latest version, including an FSI variable definition file which is up-to-date for FSX, is provided in an update to the FSUIPC SDK on my Support Forum.

hope to be enlightened soon..TIA

Well, actually you'd get answers quicker if you asked in the right place -- Pete Dowson's Support Forum, as publicised in all my programs and documentation. ;-)



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Is it possible for me to read values from FSInterrogate then? for FSX...

For you, the person? Yes. That's what it is for! It also adds facilities to write them where relevant. If you mean "you, as a programmer, via a program", then, no, but then neither was it possible with FSLook.

The subset of values common to FSX, FS2004, FS2002 and FS2000 can also be read with FSLook2. Only FSLook itself, the original one, is not compatible with FSX.



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