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Reading values from FS9 through FSUIPC

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Hi all, I would like to know how can I read altitude and speed from FSUIPC.

I have already search for these instructions in this forum but I didn't find anything. I know I have an example in the TestConsoleForm but the Read method only returns a boolean value :s

Can you help me with this?

Thank you very much

Ricardo Plácido

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I already have FSUIPC_SDK and have tried with TestConsoleForm available there, however I didn't understand how to get the values, because all functions return a boolean value, but I want a concret value... :(

I don't know anything about "TestconsoleForm" -- all my stuff is in C. What language is that in?

In the C versions of all the functions, the return value is a success or failure BOOLEAN only. The actual data being read, which might be a single value or many hundreds of values, or text strings, or anything, is returned into the structure, which could be a single variable or an array or any mixed structure, as you need, and which is pointed to by the parameters provided to the function call.

I think you must be misunderstanding something quite fundamental in all this. The data cannot be returned as the result of a function as it can be any data of any type and size!



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I would like to know the offset to write payload... :roll: All available offsets for payloads in the FSInterrogate are "Read only".

FSInterogate is an aid, you should certainly not be using that as a reference! Please always refer to the Programmer's document in the FSUIPC SDK.

If you'd checked there you would have found this, regarding the PayLoad weights:

These loadings can be changed, and this does have some effect, but such changes are not being promulgated to the overall weights (offsets 30C0, 30C8, 3BFC) nor balance (2EF8), and it looks like they have to refreshed, as FS overrides them from time to time. It has also been reported that FS can crash if a lot of changes are made here, so care and full testing is needed.

I think this is why they are marked as "read only" in FSI -- it's a safety matter. By all means experiment, but I think the problem is that no one ever found the right way to tell the rest of FS to take proper note of the new payloads, at least not until you enter the Aircraft payload menu and ok out of it.



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