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Hi Ray

I have been enjoying the Scenery for a while now, and I'm very busy doing Add-Ons again.

By the way, I'l do a lot of posts with Images from the scenery, and tell others how wonderfull this scenery is.

You know actually it runs better than default FSX scenery because of missing autogens ;-)

I did some fixes to the FS2004 version, mostly adding water below the bridges. I would like to do this on the FSX version, but I'm not sure on how to do this??? But we can talk about that Issue later.

Right now I would like to do a FIX for the "dkx_50.bgl"...

I see in the scenery, that You have "Removed" the "Non existing lake" at Lille Vildmose. This is good, but the default scenery then appearse visible instead, where there was a lake before.

I have tried to do an little ekstra Add-On placed in a new folder, using the "denmark_50.bgl" and the textures from the FS2004 version;



























This shows the textures visible and correct located in FSX, but as the "BGL / denmark_50.bgl" from the FS2004 version contains a lot of other bitmaps, now missing in FSX, and strange thing happends in the water at the coast close east, as FSX try to fill out the missing areas.

There are several ways to fix this;

1.) Give Me the name of ALL the other bitmaps contains the "denmark_50.bgl", and I'l add the missing bitmaps as black/emty bitmaps in 32 x 32 with black alpha channel. This is NOT optional, but should work fine.

2.) Recompile the "denmark_50.bgl" with the compiler from FS2002 / FS2004 using ONLY the NEW textures that I have created, then rename it to dkvfr_50_fix.bgl. This is proberly the easy'st way to do it, and I would have done so, if I had the information / data to do it. A such fix should work in both FS2004 and FSX versions, as the location is identically.

3.) Recompile the "dkx_50.bgl" with the compiler from the FSX SDK, using ONLY the NEW textures that I have created, then rename it to dkx_50_fix.bgl. This will only work in FSX.

4.) Recompile the "dkx_50.bgl" with the compiler from the FSX SDK, and create an "Replacement BGL" for the dkx_vfr using the new textures.

Could You help Me Ray, I'l be very happy - If using the options number two, You could share the fix with all other who purchased the DanVFR.

Kindly Regards


no fix




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Are You busy Ray ? :D

Well I have researched the FS2004 SDK a little, to learn how the DanVFR was made ( Resampling )

If I just had the inf. file for those areas I want to recompile, I could this work My self :?:

I can see what kind of a job it would be to recompile any area in the FSX version, but if I recompiled the fixed textures for instance the area Lille vildmose, in the FS2004 version, it should be possible to use such a bgl together with the fixed textures, just by placing those files in the FSX version ( adding a texture folder )

There are some other areas I would like to some minor changes on, like the lake ( Juelsoe ) in Silkeborg, adding water masking to the lakem made the same way...

I dont see how to remove the painted bridges below the "real" models in FSX version. This kind of changes would remove the wonderfull under - water effekts arround theese areas :(

Kindly Regards


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I would like to do a resample of this area, with multible images using the 26 new images of mine. ( Lat/Lon sample point of NW corner of each image, but identical destination bgl )

Problem is to get the precisely latitude and longitude of the Northwest corner of the image in decimal degrees. ( 26 set of coodinates )

I want to do the resample using the Terrain Tools ( resample.exe ) from the FS2004 SDK, as a bgl with texture will work in both FS2004 and FSX. ( Add On placed higher than the the DanVFR in the Libery )

Anyone who can help me?


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