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That posts seems to refer to FS9 photo scenery used in FSX, since there are no tiles in FSX. You can distinguish them by: Is the scenery folder full and the texture almost empty, or is the texture one all the gigabytes?

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the old post refers to fs9 correct

the post i linked is a follow on regarding sp2/acceleration

it is a long read but covers what i am saying exactly

phil from aces is also active in it trying to sort it out

read it all i know its 10 pages but it will fill you in on what i am experiencing

autogen is irrelevant with vfr / photo scenery in this instance as it is excluded

i can post a huge amount of images showing why if you wish ;)

the point of photo scenery is it is real

autogen isnt real its obviously fake and spoils flight sims for me

a good mesh and photo scenery is all you need

the annoying thing is and i will restate this once more

in fsx.0 it works

it looks fantastic and especially dillingham X / hawaii for me is superb

in sp1/2 it looks like £$%#@ ;)

in the thread i linked Phil says to try some things which i have done

it works to a degree and the blurries are lessened but in doing so the game

looks poor

basically what we are discussing here is a simple game engine task

rendering a landscape using tiles

somewhere in the fsx engine this has gone wrong after sp1 but only for some users

some claim its ok yet i have yet to see proof of this.

someone in that thread posted a image devoid of blurries in the f18 hornet at 700kts

it looked great but says little

if he posted a video or series of images then it would help

I am at the stage now where i am losing interest in fsx unfortunaetly

i may go back to fs2004 or reinstall fsx.0 and just leave it at that

its such a shame but what can you do ?

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The blurries I see are in BGLs around 250MB each in size. They were compiled with the SP1 SDK. I'll have another look at this kind of thing tonight.

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Fine. So we speak about "near blurries" as a problem. They seem to appear with FS9 scenery ( VFR France ) and Simons scenery. Still the question, and I will check tonight, is this also in cockpit view. From your photos and the one in the AVSIM thread it looks like FSX is giving the priority in loading and bulk of ressources to what is in cockpit view, not in observer view...

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Yes it occurs in any view

cockpit is the same

on the shots i posted you can see how sometimes it loads the texture in front

but sometimes it loads the one behind missing the front and vice versa

this is what puzzles me

if aces had made it so fsx prioritises whats in front ignoring whats behind

then i would say yes good idea

but in my tests this isnt true

equally fsx sometimes loads in full lod what is ahead but also equally sometimes

it ignores what is ahead and loads what is behind

this makes me think that fsx isnt loading textures based on where you are

but rather is trying to load the whole area / country / world that you are in

and as such it takes a long time to do it.

this is the only way i can account for the differences i see.

i have tried the experiment phil mentioned turning every setting off except

mesh & texture resolution to 1m & global tex res to fulll right.

it made a difference but still the blurries appareared

in fsx.0 i can run it at everything on meduim and get 40+ fps and no blurries


Edit: I realise that this is nothing to do with mYtraffic but it is interesting i think

however dont worry about it too much as i am sure we will get to the bottom of it


The best way i can think of is to have 2 installs fsx.0 and fsx.2

is this possible do you know as i dont want to mess up my current install

if i install fsx.0 alongside i can post videos of the 2 and it will show you

what i mean.

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I'm aware this is off topic for us, but fortunately there is no on topic issue with AccPack/SP2 :lol: I'm very interested in it because of the photo scenery project I'm involved in, which I consider the best regional scenery made ever.

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Just to continue here, I had quite some flying and testing last night.

The first show shows an AI traffic observation of a landing aircraft 8) under test ( to get on topic ). The Level of detail radius was set to short on this shot.


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I than took an hour for a sight seeing flight in a C172 with 105 knots over the area of my youth. After setting the level of detail radius to large, I didn't observe any blurries for over 40 minutes and am content with the sharpness. Still, I think that a photo scenery without autogen just isn't complete.


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I guess SwapWaitTimeOut and TextureBandwidthMultiplier. The latter I've always let FSX set since SP1, to a value of 30. Phil Taylor had a blog post all about it I remember.

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This post helped me out a lot both with fps and blurries. My system is rather average and I now achieve 15-20 fps in most locations except the big airports like KJFK, KLAX, KORD etc. At those airports 10-15 fps. But my blurries are all but gone. Like any tweak you should always back up your fsx.cfg file before modifying in the event you want to return to previous.


You'll need to read through a few pages before you see the final tweak results. Before tweaking my fps was 30-50% less and blurries were common.

My system specs are Dell E510 Pentium D (Dual Core) 3.2 Ghz with 3 gigs ram. My graphics card is ati radeon x1650 pro with 256 mb ram and latest driver 7.10. FYI - My TBM is set at 140 and my SWTO is set to 32. My fps is locked at 20.

I hope this helps.


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Came across this over at Avsim, in relation of blurries and SP2:

for "blurries when using photo-scenery" that is one fix. and the changes in SP1 did have an affect there. note another fix for that type of blurries would be to re-author the photo-scenery using the advice in the Acceleration/SP2 SDK.

for other types of blurries, it isnt that simple.

PM, Core Platform

Aces Studio, MGS

Another thing on the todo list!

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This debate will forever continue along the lines of

I get blurries

I dont

This is the point some do and some dont.

To prove my point i uninstalled fsx last night and re-installed it clean

I did no tweaks or cfg changes just installed my vfr scenery

So i am using fsx.0 , no sp1 and no sp2. all graphics settings as follows

autogen off ( this is not choice it just doesnt work with this scenery )

lod radius maximum

mesh resolution 76

mesh complex 70

terrain res 1m

evrything else default fsx

Flew a test flight from egnx same as was featured in my screenshots earlier showing

the awful blurries.

On sp1/2 i get blurries almost immediately after takeoff and they just get worse

until it is just a mess.

Test flight with fsx.0 was crystal clear sharp 360 degrees all around plane all the time

for a flight lasting 40 mins at 120kts and 2000 feet. when i switched views from

spot to cockpit and back a few times i got minor blurries but they clear almost instantly.

i maintained 30-45 fps throughout.

now you tell me what that is all about ? is it my setup, my system or is it just logical to assume

that sp1 and 2 break something for some people for some reason.

I can post a video if you wish but it would have to be a large file because otherwise there would be no point ;)



edit: if you wish to test yourself whether you suffer this issue or not

download the free demo here


and take a flight, you will definately notice the blurries if you

suffer this issue.

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To comment on the 2 screenshots you posted burkhard..

Its hard to comment because i dont have access to the scenery you are showing however

if it is photo scenery it looks very blurry to me.

the first screen is at 8000 ft and autogen doesnt help because it hides issues but

the parts i can see look blurry to me. None of the scenery in that shot is sharp.

the second pic really shows the blurries as i see it. mid screen above the forest

is blurred, the town under the autogen bottom right is blurred.

I wouldnt be happy with vfr scenery that looked like that.

To me photo scenery should be able to allow you to not need autogen at all.

If it does its job right autogen actually makes it look worse and false.

Now im running fsx.0 again i can really see the difference and i am happy again.

I only wish ms would release a sp without any texture loading "fixes" just the

other fixes as that would suit me, or better still sort the problem out.

Couple of shots in the extra after flying for 30 mins and my vfr is A OK :)

Click images for fullsize...



edit: In case you are wondering about the very high fps i get in those shots

the vfr scenery runs way faster and gives me a 20% boost in fps. Poss it is because

of no autogen i dont know but it runs way faster for me. downside is i get micro stutters

but thats poss because under fsx.0 i lose out on the hyperthreading tweaks and other stuff

present in sp1 and 2. But i can live with that.

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One way of deciding if I have blurries or not is to pause the sim. If the area near me gets cleaned up and becomes sharp, then yes I do have blurries. In my case FSX will eventually catch up. If the area never becomes sharp, it is more likely that the scenery is now at maximum resolution and a better LOD is not available. I have to climb or zoom out.

It can become a very subjective judgement. If you are flying the Hornet at 600 knots, it can be difficult to fixate on anything long enough to make an assesment. Yes it looks blurry, but you can put that down to the speed perhaps.

If you are flying something slower, particularly props and helicopters close to the ground <1000ft, I tend to notice the blue a lot more.

Static pictures always exagerate the problem.

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Sorry i disagree

there are 2 types at least of "blurries" and this has already been aknowledged by aces

1. as you state the game engine isnt keeping up and pausing allows it to catch up

2. the blurries i am talking about. these are not because the game engine cant keep up

or because the system is to slow etc etc. These are caused by some engine bug or

problem. they only effect photo scenery and are evident immediately to those

who suffer them. Yes you can pause and it will eventually clear up but that is hardly an answer.

point 1 effects everyone. if your system is underpowered or you are running fsx at too high

settings everyone gets these blurries.

point 2 is different. uninstalling sp1 and / or 2 fixes it and the blurries are gone.

there is no subjectivity about it, and screenshots show it well.

my first set of screens show exactly how bad it is after a couple of minutes.

my second shots show how it is more or less perfect after 30 mins

its a pain but i think to show it best i will have to video capture fsx.0 and fsx.1 and 2

then you can see without any doubt what i mean.



Edit: There is a point 3 maybe. A lot of people have gone on to sp1 and 2

without running fsx.0 with a decent photo scenery. Maybe this issue is

effecting more people than is obvious just that they dont actually know

they are suffering from it because they have got used to how it looks

under fsx.1 etc. If they switch back to fsx.0 they may see it too.

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There are more variations - when I had FSX.0 installed, my grafics hardware only had 128 MB of RAM and on photo scenery I even could not recognize a highway from 1000 feet above. So my equation is a different one. I have a screen of 1280 pixel width. From 1000 feet above ground, I have a view field of 1000 m looking down under 30 degrees - so expect one pixel per m. The width of a little farmers street is typically 4 m, so 4 pixel, and I can recognize it well - so I never expected more...

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Those of you who seem to be getting the blurries with SP1 or SP2 but not with FSX RTM, I'd suggest that it is possibly that your fibre time fraction setting is too high. As Phil Taylor points out in his blogs, this parameter has more benefit when only one CPU core is taking on most of the FSX load (as was the case with FSX RTM). As SP1 and SP2 do better load balancing for multi-core CPU's, the higher fibre time fraction setting becomes unnecessary, in fact it can lower the performance for multi-core systems. On my Q6600 I use a setting of 0.10 and texture max bandwidth of only 10 and I get no blurries at all in FSX Accel. SP2. All is crisp and sweet. The idea of setting FTF to greater than 0.33 and texture bandwith as high as 400 originated before SP1 and SP2 were released :)

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Thanks but in my case that is not the issue

i run sp1 and sp2 without any tweaks at all.

I have tried every tweak on the net in attempts to lessen or

fix the issue without success. uninstalling sp1 and / or 2

fixes it immediately however.

Burkhard you raised an interesting thing i have never

experimented with and that is resolution. Ive always played

at 1024x768x32 but out of interest I had a go on my

fsx.0 install at my monitors max which is 1280x1024x32

to see what would happen.

i lost some fps but other than that it ran really well

and no blurries.

Click images for fullsize...

Highrez01_resize.jpg Highrez02_resize.jpg

Highrez03_resize.jpg Highrez04_resize.jpg

And here are some of Dillingham X / Hawaii which is another of my favourite Photo sceneries.

DillinghamX01_resize.jpg DillinghamX02_resize.jpg

DillinghamX03_resize.jpg DillinghamX04_resize.jpg

DillinghamX05_resize.jpg DillinghamX06_resize.jpg


These screenshots were taken in game not paused or anything after flying for a while

and in sp1 or 2 would be a blurry disaster for me. I have taken the shots as I

pan around the plane to demonstrate that fsx.0 not only renders crisp ahead of plane

but all around the plane.

i will now install sp1 and then 2 and show the difference that i get using identical

settings and no tweaks etc. I have reinstalled fsx so many times now that one more time

wont hurt ;)


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Ok acceleration installed and nothing else changed

not altered anything at all same settings as previous


First just flights vfr showing the blurries after a couple of mins flight

Click images for fullsize...

SP2JFlightVFR01_resize.jpg SP2JFlightVFR02_resize.jpg

SP2JFlightVFR03_resize.jpg SP2JFlightVFR04_resize.jpg

Next Dillingham X which is slightly better blurywise but its a much smaller scenery

however the blurries are there if you compare with my previous shots

look at the houses in particular and the area next to the right wing in pic 04

SP2Dillingham01_resize.jpg SP2Dillingham02_resize.jpg

SP2Dillingham03_resize.jpg SP2Dillingham04_resize.jpg

These blurries persist and even when i pause it takes 30-40 seconds before full

lod snaps in.


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The upper examples really are bad, because there your unsharpness is more than 4 pixels which is untolerable. I can understand an unsharpness in the 2 pixel range, and the lower examples I could live with...

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