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FSUIPC4 Window is too small

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When I open FSUIPC4 using FSX and Windows XP the window is about 1/4 inch to small on the right side which prevents seeing the last word of instructions and also some of the fill in blocks. What do I need to do

Odd that, because FSUIPC itself doesn't draw any of that. It is all standard Windows stuff, sized according to your Windows font settings. I have heard of it happening before, but not for a couple of years (with FSUIPC3 then, of course).

Perhaps you should check your Windows font, make sure you haven't got some odd non-standard setting, or "large fonts" or something. (However, really that should be taken into account by Windows when drawing the window frames and so on).

The only other thing I can think of is that you have some non-standard COMCTL32.DLL system library installed, maybe one from an old video driver -- some rather badly constructed driver installs replace the perfectly good official Windows version for some unknwn reason. COMCTL32 is used to draw the tabbed windows within the standard dialogue window -- it provides extra 'common' controls like that, as well as things like file selection, colour selection, font selection dialogues. Try updating the video driver, or repairing windows. Search for COMCTL32.DLL and see if you have a multiplicity of different versions -- only one will be the true correct one to match your Windows installation.



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Because of my old eyes, I had my fonts set to 150%. Reducing them to 125% corrected the problem, but now it is hard to read what is on the monitor.

But here, if I change font size, the window size changes too. It should do that, because the window is not specified in absolute screen terms but in font-related units. That applies to all standard dialogues and parts of them. There's something odd there. It still sounds like maybe the video driver has installed a DLL which isn't correct for that version of Windows.



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Thanx Pete and Jim

I think what I have is good. I no longer have problems in FSX or FSUIPC4 for font size. Only on the desktop. I have a NVIDIA GeForce Video Card 6200 and I have the latest driver installed. My computer is built from obsolete but new parts from eBay. With that in mind, it runs very well.

I appreciate your help. Jerry

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