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this does not seem to be related to Petes software, does it?

You might get a better response posting this in the FSX forum.

Does this aircraft come with an automatic installer or is it all done by hand?

If the latter is there no readme file to tell you how to install?

I don't have FSX but if there are no gauges and effects this is an indication that the aircraft is not installed properly.

Here is how it should be done in FS 9.1:

-gauges (suffix *.gau, *.XML, or *.CAB) can be put either into the main "gauges" folder inside the FS root folder or into the panel folder of the aircraft in question (in FS9 this is ...FS9\aircraft\aircraft name\panel, in FSX I think you will find it under ..FSX\sim objects\aircraft or similar (mind you I don't have FSX))

-effects (suffix *.fx) should be put into the effects folder inside the FS9 root folder (no idea where this is on FSX but a close look should tell you)

If this all doesn't help you ask again in the FSX forum. Lots of experts there.



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