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Registered User of FSUIPC v3.75 Key No Longer Works

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Whenever I open FSUIPC from within FS9 the following message dialog appears:

The FSUIPC.DLL code signature does not verify! Please check that the Cryptographic Services are running, or try applying the supplied GlobalSign Root Fix. You';; then need to restart FS.

I have Crytographic Services running and applied the GlobalSign Root fix and restarted FS. No change in FSUIPC behavior.

I am registered user of FSUIPC for FS9 and currently use v3.75. The DLL is no longer registered and I cannot input the registration into the dialog. I recently installed AES v1.92 which came with new DLLs ViMaCore2004.DLL and ViMaIScn.DLL. I removed both files including ActiGate from the MODULES folder but FSUIPC does not present the dialog to input any info only the LOGGING tab.

Any info would be appreciated.


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I would try

- delete all FSUIPC files in Modules folder, FSUIPC.dll, FSUIPC.cfg and FSUIPC.key

- installing the latest FSUIPC.dll

- restart FS

Then it is a unregistered version

- register FSUIPC manual with your Keys

I tried your suggestion of removing all FSUIPC files from the Modules folder. No change in behavior. I select the MODULES menu and select FSUIPC and receive the error message regarding Crytographic Services and Global Root Sign fix click OK and the every item in FSUIPC's dialog box is greyed out.

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