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The official 757 paint thread

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ok. im happy to say that the LTU is fixed and the LTE is fixed. they both have NO PIXELS!!!!!

once you download it and you click on the compressed folder, once you get the paint picture it will say LTE. that is normal!!!! if you click the paint iconn it will show LTU all perfect.

thank you,


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did you already update the paints in the 757 thread?

I refer with LTU you refer to the paint scheme that is in


as example and that is OK. Let me discuss the LTU paint only, which is still far away from the original. Most applies to LTE the same way.

The large LTU letters on the tail are really fine now.

The German flag itself is fine too, the black shouldn't be thicker as red and gold. On the LTU, it is surrounded by a white box. Also move it four pixels further down, on the screen shot we see it to be really at the edge, a pixel is 5 cm approximately.

The upper red part goes further down on the original, down to approximately the level of the small windows in the doors, so at least 5 pixels.

The red lower stripe sould be really flat, not curved. The width is OK, but it should move up by far, the correct location is in the lower parts of the doors.

The gray below this stripe isn't as dark as you show it, but maybe you have another picture. Same applies to the engines.

Next you should improve the small LTU titles begind the cockpit, here just tying them in ARIAL BLACK or ARIAL FAT of the correct size ( 9 or 10? ) would do the job.

The red color itself, you gave it a nice orange touch( 255,65,24) . From what I remember, this was the redest red I ever saw, I would use 255,0,0 - but that is a choice of the painter that I will accept, because our eyes and brains do react differently on colors.

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By the way, when I have made something, before I have tested it in FSX, I know it is far from perfect, 90% of the works still are waiting for me.

ya we still have a lot to do. ill put condor on in a minute, just want to test it to ensure its full potential. (and not end up being in the mojave desert with all the old planes :lol: )

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