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Special files for Acc Pack only

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In this case the geometry of Edwards Airbase. This has been redone in detail, so the taxiways, hangars, aprons have shifted, so we need an active taxiway network BR2 for it to work. Same might apply to Tempelhof, Istanbul, haven't chekced yet.

But there might be more to uncover. A few schedules to use the nice F18 and the E101, if possible, might be among this. AI traffic on the included carriers might be another item to research.

The more I understand AccPack, it is not only addon data, but also different code. So if you have FSX only and get the aircraft, scenery and missions from another system, still you will not have AccPack, because there is additional code in the game itself that brings new functions. All this seems enough to allow for one more topic here. :)

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Thank you for the information. I will keep an eye on this topic..

But, what happens when the REAL SP2 comes out this Christmas? Different codes and structure again? I have read Phil Taylor’s blog that acceleration will include sp2, but the later news says that sp2 will be a stand alone version. So maybe AccPack was not what MS told before?

This is another question, not completely related to this…

Thank you again for the info!

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SP2 will contain many fixes to SP1, and the DX10 preview.

AccPack contains these fixes, and the preview, and many additions to the code for the special purpose of AccPack, special code for the races and the carriers as example. This code will not be in SP2 - which brings it to two different code plattforms which is a nightmare for every support.

But here let us just concentrate on centents.

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Here now comes a special EDDI layout for AccPack. It properly keeps the buildings. Th eonly difference it has compared to the one deliverd with AccPack is that gate radius is reduced to 14m. This reflects the fact that EDDI only sees BAe,CRJ etc aircraft, and no A320/737 services.


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You are welcome :)

AccPack to my knowledge comes with Edwards done), Tempelhof (done) and Istanbul. I checked Istanbul, but found no such problems, but maybe the changes are on a smaller airfield that I missed. So if anybody ever comes to Istanbul and sees a problems with AccPack on one of its airports, tell us here, and I will fix that too.

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Hi all and a happy holidays.

If I posted here snap shots of my home town airport and how My Traffic Direct X 10 preview Ai traffic looked like and where the planes park compared to what in my view is more realstic, would it be possible for me to edit the parking at YMML (Melbourne Australia) or would I have to wait to Mr Burkhard updated My Traffic?



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Go ahead.

YMML according to my research needs ( resp will need in a year or so):

2-3 Gate heavy 40m

5 Gate hevy 36m

4 Gate heavy 31m

Some Gate medium 27m

many Gate small 18m

Some Gate small 14m for commuters

3-4 Ramp Cargo 36m

I can send you my latest Ymml tomorrow, but if you start from the default with local knowledge it will be better.

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Just check if you have other EDDI layouts. I myself fell into a trap that I made a change to EDDF and it didn#t take place, until I remembered that several Aerosoft addons contain MyTraffic Airports to ensure compatibilty. Not sure about Tempelhof, but it may well be...

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Hi Burkhard!

-no other EDDI-Scenery

-no other changes

-OS: Vista Home Premium 64bit

first of all i switched off all sceneries except the defaults and EDDI (with emptying the scenery-cache) - the building is there. when i´m now activating MyTraffic additionally... the building is gone.

imho: there is no influence by other sceneries



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White smoke evolves a boiling pot and the oracle speaks: You must have still another EDDI layout installed somewhere, since the default AccPack layout works as it should do forever, and not like Mister Pobereit wants it.

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  • 11 months later...

Did you ever try deletion of the file as suggested? Now you are using the layout as provided by acceleration, which is not bad. The file I distributed for acceleration is a little update of that, mainly for comfortable parking of the BAe .

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