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Saab Collumn Jetliner yoke and Vista

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Hello Peter,

Do I need special drivers for my just bought Saab Collumn Jetliner yoke on my Vista 64 Bit computer.

I tried to callibrate my joystick via your registerd FSUIPC program but sometimes the axes are not there anymore and the digits hold.

I tried another USB port but some ports don't recognize my yoke.

What's wrong?

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What is the reason that you first have to callibrate it in the Windows' Game Controllers section before you do it in FSUIPC or FS?

Because unless you are going to only assign the axes in FSUIPC using "RAW" mode (totally not recommended except for software-controlled axes like those from EPIC), the data coming through from Windows to FS and/or FSUIPC is determined 100% by the drivers for the joysticks -- and they are configured, calibrated and tested in Windows Game Controllers applet. That is why Windows provides this, to give access to the settings for each connected joystick.

If the settings and calibration are screwed up "at source" then FS and FSUIPC have bad data to work with in the first place and life gets very difficult trying to "fix" the results to anyone's satisfaction.

Is this with all the controllers that I have? (Throttle, Pedals and Yoke)

Yes, unless you have something like a PFC digital control system through which all are connected. PFC digital systems don't use Windows drivers at all, but my own PFC driver (PFC.DLL for FS9 or PFCFSX.DLL for FSX). So far you've not mentions any PFC system, only a presumably direct-connected yoke. If you use my PFC driver then you calibrate everything in that, under FS, following the documentation provided. FSUIPC doesn't come into it, but it is used by the PFC driver.



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