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No AI-traffic in VHHX Old KaiTak airport in Hong Kong

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I don't have that airport installed, so I cannot advice you. An airport is a program of between 1000 and 100 000 lines of XML code, to really understand what it does you have to work through this code.

When there are schedules for this airport, and you actually see the compile process taking its seconds, and the files get processed, than either there must be something that makes Trafficdatabasebuilder reject all the flights ( you find this in the log file), or the airport is not able to handle any traffic, or you see the traffic. I have added hundreds of airports this way, as example the air bases, and it always works.

I will put a more general question in a new thread for consideration.

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Assuming you followed all the other security directions and you truly have departure schedules in the info departure vhhx tab then the only thing that stands out as different is that you've checked touristic. It's probably not going to make a difference but try unchecking and running again.

I installed the airport but under XP, but I didn't check touristic. Everything else is the same. Another poster who was having trouble with the fs9 version reinstalled the airport and it worked. Again I can't explain why but something to consider.

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OK, so here it comes:

I made a small, reasonable airport layout for VHHX and created a set of new schedules, so it looks very alive.

If you are intersted in VHHX or EGLC, and in this case only:

Just download


and place the bgl and dat files you find in there to MyTraffic\scenery. This will create enough traffic for VHHX to make you happy, and will also let EGLC look buisiness airport.

When you come around the rest of the world, please have a look and if things are very starnge note it here. I made some intense algorithmic changes , which seem to make sense to me and where I tested it, getting more info from airports.txt to be used for the schedules, so if something comes out strange somewhere just tell me.

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Good evening

Martin from FlyTampa advised me to ask my question in this forum.

I bought Kai Tak on December 31st and it's wonderful! But, I have no traffic. In FSX, I use MyTrafficX (5.1b). The download posted earlier doesn't work (anymore). In addition to that, I don't want to change the traffic at London city. Could somebody please upload this file again?

Best regards

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A full support for VHHX is included in version 5.2. With release of 5.2, all previous free downloads are no longer supported, because added into the actual version - and since users like to install all they find, would immedately destry hundreds of installations out there.

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