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problems with PFC Cirrus console and FSX

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my problem is this, i have a Cirrus 2 Precision Flight Control yoke with attached throttle and attached avionics and rudder pedals. I installed the latest FSUIPC4 as well as the latest PFCFSX driver update. the console is the old type with the serial impute so i bought a serial to USB adapter. with all this installed and "functioning properly", all i get on the FSUIPC4 test page is a bunch of mixed signals. when i move the throttle up and down it does EVERYTHING(gear up and down, radio switch, master on and off) but move the throttle up and down. when i am actually in the game, the yoke as well as all the other buttons don't work. i am at a lost as what to do as i also have ELITE and on the sim everything works fine. please help.

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If the unit has a digital controller (you can tell if you have to plug a power supply into the unit)

Take off the throttle leavers and see if there is a switch hidden under

If you have the switch it needs to be in the position marked PFC

Also if you are using Elite you may have a UCI connected you will need to remove it and connect the console direct

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