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FSX with captain and first officer yoke?

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is it possible to connect 2 yokes to fsx/ fsuipc4?

who has the priority?

I think you can do it directly in FS, but the "priority" is then simply "the last signal wins". So if one it untouched it won't be read UNLESS it has any "jitter". One way around jitter is to make sure the centre "null zone" is big enough to overcome it -- if FS cannot sort it certainly FSUIPC calibration can.

The other way, using FSUIPC, is to assign the second yoke axes to other, otherwise unused, FS controls. Then you tell FSUIPC what those control numbers are and it reads them as alternative flight controls. When FSUIPC is doing this it takes the MAXIMUM deflection of the two controls, so it is quite unlikely that unintended changes are made.

For details of the FSUIPC facilities see the "Multiple Joysticks" section of the Advanced User's guide supplied with FSUIPC4. It is near the back.

If you are running two copies of FSX on two PCs, linked by FSX's "shared cockpit" mechanisms, then one is acting as Pilot Flying and the other as Pilot not Flying, and the roles are switched by command.



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