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MyTraffic X Version 5.1b fix requests

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When discussing FSX, we always forget that it is a real time simulation. So timing of processes is extremely important. And this is different with every setting you have chosen.

So for this example, we speak about the ATC process. ATC has rather low priority. When you have the target frame rate set to 20 as example, the computer has to refresh the scenery 20 times per second, inclsuing all AI positions. The process to actually call the aircraft over the frequencies is considered to be of lower prio - it doesn't mtter if the communication comes a second earlier or later. But this may lead to rather long delays after a while, sometimes calls come minutes after they should come, since the ATC cannot work through all it has to do. So, once the actual frame is below the target frame rate, increasing the traffic density makes the high prority processes thicker, so ATC gets less CPU - while it would need a little more.

Now, when the call to descend comes minutes too late, the aircraft doesn't make it down. Shifting any slider to the left may reduce this effect or completely solve it. The effect will be earlier at low level airports than on higher ones - an aircraft that doesn't get down from FL330 to LEPA will easily get down to LEMD when called at the same distance.

So how to fix it:

I recommend the following procedure: Set you target frame rate to unlimited, and look at the frame rate you get with your settings in the worst case ( not counting very short interruptions. Let us say this is 24. Multiply this with 2/3 ( 24*2/3=16), and than set the target frame rate to 16. Than the timing should be OK in most cases. If you set it to a higher value 17+, or to unlimited, you just order FSX not to care for such details - so just accept them to happen.

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