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FS2004 ADF's offset

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"034C ADF1 Frequency: main 3 digits. A frequency of 1234.5 will have 0x0234"but, this will be a problem

cuz the freq 1555.0 will have 0x0555 and the freq 0555.0 will have 0x0555 too

how to see the diference between this freqs?

You are not reading enough! It says "see also offset 0356". And it says not only 1234.5 will have 0x0234 here but also 0x0105 in offset 0356.

Please don't quote little bits and ignore the other bits which in this case explain exactly the answer to your question!


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i read all, but i didnt understand that extended adf do the first 1/0 digit

now its all working

It is a daft system -- it was like this in FS98 when the FSUIPC offsets were effectively "fixed" for onward compatibility. I think what happened was that earlier versions of FS only supported a 3 digit ADF frequency, xxx. When they realised you could get decimal parts (there are a lot of xxx.5 ones in the UK) and that South America, in particular, used 1xxx values, they added the Extended value separately rather than change it and presumably have to change a lot of other things.

Whilst FS no longer uses this format, FSUIPC kept to it throughout FS2000, FS2002, FS2004, FSX -- and even CFS1, CFS2 where applicable -- just for compatibility, so add-ons can be carried forward from version to version. This was the main reason I wrote FSUIPC in the first place. ;-)



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