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Few difficult offset


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from the SDK docs:

Since version 2.76 of FSUIPC, you can use variable SYSVAR_C4 to read the current FS2002 pushback status, and, indeed, to control the pushback. The values read/written are:

3 = off

0 = pushback straight

1 = pushback with tail swinging to left (to face aircraft to right)

2 = pushback with tail swinging to right (to face aircraft to left)

31F0 4 Pushback status (FS2002+).

3=off, 0=pushing back, 1=pushing back, tail to swing to left (port), 2=pushing back, tail to swing to right (starboard)

31F4 4 Pushback control (FS2002+). Write 0–3 here to set pushback operation, as described for the status, above.

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Does anybody know, if exist, offset for:

1- Different view options as cockpit, virtual cockpit and spot view ?

2- QNH standard reset


If you download the FSUIPC SDK from http://www,schiratti.com/dowson and look in the Programmer's Guide you will find these easy using search.

View modes are in 8320.

QNH is at 0EC6. You set STD by writing 16212 here (16 x the STD value).

Pushback status is at 31F0, control at 31F4.

Please do use the documentation supplied. I don't learn all this stuff, I have to look it up too! ;-)



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Thanks Pete:

You are right, Its too many thing to set it up and we have to check all the time.

I am relative new home cockpit builder so sorry for those "simple and obviously" questions.

I use FSBUS software manager, let me give you a example:

For select QNG I do:

X, "QNG MODE", XXX, 0, 0x0EC6, I16,,RW ,10,1,1,

But It is not that clear for me set STD by writing 16212 here (16 x the STD value).



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