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FSC triggers Windows Installer

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I have FSCommander and want to use it with FS9.

My Operating System is WindowsXP.

Whenever I start the FSC, it begins to load allright, but simultaneously the "Windows Installer" opens and starts to install another program (which is already installed - example "WinOnCD-Roxio)

This is a big nuisance, but I do not know how to prevent this.

Has anyone a solution??

Thanks in advance

sincerely yours


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Hi Helli,

we have no idea why this happens. We have had similar reports 2 or 3 times, but have no solution for it, since our program makes no reference to Windows Installer at all.

We will keep a look on this problem, and as soon as we know a solution, we will post it here.



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I had the same with Active Sky - whenever I started the program, my stupid system wanted to install my HP Office Jet :shock:

I got rid of it by re-installing AS (later I found out that this happens when I installed the Office Jet software after Active Sky. Maybe the same works for FSC?



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We had problem like this at work and used the MS Windows Installer Clean Up utility to fix it. It's something to do with .msi files corrupting their own records. Whatever the cause you download, install and run the utility then look in the list of installed apps that it displays. If anything leaps out as a recent addition use the utility to flush it - it may not be FSCommander that's causing the problem but it's being triggered by FSC somehow. I don't think it uninstalls the software, just cleans up the mess that it left behind. No guarrantees though - it's not my software! - use with caution and only if you have no alternative.


All the best


ps You may want to Google "Windwos Installer Cleanup Utility" and check out what other people have used it for

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I still have this problem. In my case SP2 for Quicken is called (although this software has been uninstalled about a year ago), but nothing helped, not the MS Cleanup Utility, nor other "Power Utilities" like jv16. The problem is really some corrupted .msi entries in the registry and it's a "mission impossible" to find out which one.

In some cases it might help to uninstall/install the called application and/or the calling application (this was the case with another program I had).

As I don't know where else to seach for the problem, I'm going to live with this (in the end) cosmetic problem.


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New computer

Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP2

FS 9.1

FSC 8.5 (registered)

Yesterday I added a few airport AF2... bgl's.

Checked them out with AFCAD221 , Ok.

Rebuilt database with FSC Config manager . Ok.

Started FSC and looked at a new airport. Ok.

Today I clicked on the FSC icon to start the program.

I cannot say what message immediately display .. I really was not looking closely at that moment.

But I then got a window .. top title line for a message box saying:

Flightsim Commander

Inside the messag box it says:

Please wait while Windows Configures FlightSim Commander.

A progrees bar was displayed. Stayed at 0 for a few minutes.

Then began to move slowly.

Progress message said it would take 142 minutes.

It only took about 7 minutes, after pausing midway, for a couple minutes.

Then FSc opened ok.

I did a flight plan.

Exited FSC.

My FSC ICON had moved to a new position on the desktop!

Looking at the Properties it showed a blank path "No Path" to FSC.

I deleted the ICON and created a new one.

The FSC Config manager Icon was in the correct desktop position but no "path" in the properties.

I deleted the ICON and created a new one.

Wondering what is happening here?

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