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Horrible shimmering effect.

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I have just installed fscene europe and I am seeing a shimmering effect on the textures. It reminds me of the old FS95 and FS98 days. I must be doing something wrong as the screen shot images I see on the Fscene website look noting like the textures I am seeing!

I have attached a jpeg. Obviously you can't see the effect on a still picture but it is just to show where the effect is taking place. I have settings on ultra high.

Can anyone give me any suggestions?



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Im a bit of a novice to this too but i foundin settings/display/hardware. make sure you click anti-alaising and set filtering to trilinear.

hopefully fix it - let me know. :)

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have tried it on many and varied settings including what you said. It does not happen on all the textures, only the ones with lots of different colours like the texture in the picture I have posted. It does not happen in the immediate vicinity of the aircraft only in the distance, as I said it remind me of my FS95/98 flying days!

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As the distance gets greater small details get harder to draw.

Pixels get lost which can lead to such small visual inaccuracies.

The only solutions are increasing your screen resolution (larger screen and possibly better card) or reducing the resolution of the textures (which would mean lower fidelity display closer up).

A theoretical solution would be multi-resolution ground textures but AFAIK that's not (yet?) possible.

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