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AN24/MTX Editor question

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Hello everyone!

First off, congratulations on, and thank you for, developing MTX!

Second, I am not at home right now, and am writing this from memory, so if I get a directory or a menu option wrong, I'm sorry in advance.

That said, here is a question that I have. A short prelude: the AN24 model tire textures seem to be skewed a little, so the center of the wheel is actually a little to the right, which makes the texture look terrible. I fixed that (so if anyone has that issue too, let me know, I'll post the updated bmp 'shiny.bmp'). But while I was fiddling with the textures, I also noticed that the AN24 model doesn't have much of a blurred propeller texture. The polygon spins - however, because its essentially transparent gray, it looks pretty crappy (as compared to, say, the 550, where you can see the blurred blades rotate). So I went to edit that, but had no luck... even though I know how to create textures, for some reason the model refused to use the new texture. Out of confusion, I deleted every propeller.bmp in the AN24 directory and subdirectories. That damn gray disc still showed up!! At that point, it was about 3 in the morning, so I went on AVSIM, downloaded SAMDIM's AI AN24 in the Cubana livery, and put it in the \mytraffic\aircraft folder with the rest of the models.

Here is where the problem started. I read the manual for the editor, pulled up the aircraft list, pulled up AN24-cub1 and hit EDIT. In the TITLE path, I replaced MyTexture.02 with the title from Samdim's CFG, in hopes to just replace that one model and see if it works. I figured that I could use the old schedules and have no need to recompile EVERYTHING. So I hit Create all files, selected the AN24 ONLY, unchecked all of MySchedule, PreferredSchedule, Forks and all of those, and waited until the process finished.

It finished - however, I could not find the product anywhere. The traffic BGL files were not showing as recently updated, and sure enough, when I started up FSX, the old model was still present.

The question, then, is this: did I do something wrong with the editor? I want to get rid of the old model and use the new one instead. In lieu of that, if someone can maybe suggest as to how I can add a blurred prop texture to the AN24, it would be much appreciated.


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Hi gtassasin,

It's likely the aircraft don't show because the aircraft.cfg doesn't have the right pointers.

As for the A24 model, it's an older one and will be replaced with a FSX model in due course.

For now, I would recommend to restore the default MTX files and start over again and either add the Sandim model from scratch, or use the MT model. Please note many MT aircraft.cfgs are modified to suit MyTrafficBoard.

Kind regards


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Thanks for this long report. The AN24 model in MyTraffic X is one the oldest models, still in FS8 format. Indeed I got the allowance by Samdin to use his model, and this still stays there until I get to remake a new one from scratch in FSX format - which is a month of work per aircraft family at least, and the An24 isn't on top of the priority. So you might even be good off with just replacing the textures. The lowest number of optical problems you will have with FSX SP2 resp AccPack.

About what you did, the easier way would have been to chage the title= entry in aircraft.cfg to ensure another model is used. But the way as you did should work too. I do not know about the history of your MyTraffic install. In some update there was a problem with the trafficbat.bat calling TrafficdatabasebuilderX instead of Trafficdatabasebuilder, but in both cases you need to it from your SDK install to the MyTraffic folder. So maybe thee is something still wrong in your setup. If it is OK, than the compile phase should take some couples of seconds for each of the large schedule files, if this flashes by than please check that.

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