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Questions about My Traffic X

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I have just bought MyTraffic X, and I have a few questions:

- First, I would like to know if it is possible to add flights: for instance, I would like to add an AF flight: flight AF 090 CDG (10:55)- MIA (14:15) operated by a 744. Is it possible to do so?

- Also, how can I do to get this timetable: MTB.jpg

- Finally, I would like to know where I could find the airport codes that are used on mytraffic X (for instance, LLET for Eilat, Israel).




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Hi Sacha,

1) Adding a specific flight is covered in the documentation - you'll need to do a little bit of coding, but it's not that hard.

2) My TrafficBoard is available via Start/All Programs/MyTrafficX/MyTrafficBoard.

3) The codes are those assigned by the International Civil Aviation Organisation - ICAO. You can look up specific ones inside FS, or a search on the net for, for example "London Heathrow ICAO Code" - hopefully all the returned results should give you EGLL! ;)

As a quick primer, the first one or two letters are a country code. It's normally two, specifying global area (E = North Europe, L = South Europe, H = North Africa) and specific country (EN = Norway, LL = Israel, HE = Egypt), but some places that are too big to use this system such as Australia (Y), China (Z) and the United States (K) have a single letter code. This is a very useful thing to know, as, for instance, there are two "Birmingham International Airport" codes... KBHM is Birmingham, Alabama, USA and EGBB is Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kngdom. Now look up "Kennedy" as an airport name in FS! :mrgreen:

Hope that is of some use to you as a starting point.


Ian P.

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In addition to Ian's words, you should be able to launch MyTrafficBoard via a desktop shortcut (simMarket version only). If that shortcut isn't there, make a desktop shortcut of the 'MTB.exe' in MyTraffic\MyTrafficBoard.

To modify the traffic showings, launch MyTrafficX(.exe) - the MT Editor - in the MyTraffic folder, maybe after having a look at the MTX Editor manual in MT\Manual?

Kind regards, Jaap

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Thanks, Ian, well explained!

To add a flight, you can do so using the MyTraffic editor, and if you only add one flight or two you can terminate that using the fast "Create all files and traffic".

A word of warning, before you spend the next weeks on this:

Programing a flight using the MyTraffic editor by no means warrants this to show up in FSX. FSX has its own rules about what a valid flight is, partially documented in the FSX SDK. These rules are strict digital rules, and FSX AI traffic is programed with the clear preference that it is better a flight never shows up than that it might lead to a problem anywhere anytimes.

This leads to the well known effect that if you add flight schedules based on marketing schedules like done by WOAI, Project AI and the commercial version of Project AI marketed under the name Ultimate Traffic, in average only 25% of all schedules are displayed.

MyTraffic now is programmed to create flights along the rules of FS as far as we know them or I have the suspection they are, and to fill all the slots available. So the chance that there is a free slot at CDG and MIA is about 0, and a free slot with a parking for a 744 is much smaller. So you might better start with a copy of the myt database where you use the maintenance dialog to delete all existing traffic, and to program and verify your single flight only.

By the way, I wonder if the flight isn't in MyTraffic. All US traffic is based on translated real world observations. I will check that, since I remember I saw AFR at MIA.

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Thanks guys for your replies!

But I still can't get Mytraffic board, I don't understand why?!

Hi Sacha,

First,ly let us figure out which edition of MyTrafficX you have. Where did you but it from?

a) Boxed version containing a DVD from a software seller?

b) Download from SimMarket.



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The documentation does actually explain both of those, LY777, but you are right in that MyTrafficX does not recreate exact real world flight plans and hubs/destinations. It generates traffic to fill the skies with AI aircraft which, depending on how you do it, can mean that you see the same aircraft multiple times. You're very likely to see them in the wrong places, although the chances are that they will be in exactly the right region of the world! ;)

If you want to make changes to the default settings, you can. I, for instance, have just edited BFS/EGAA to make the traffic more accurate (but not perfect by any means). You don't want to see Syrian airliners at TLV? Send them somewhere else or tell MTX not to allow TLV as a destination for them.

It's quite a deep and capable package, but it isn't accurate to real world timetables, no.

Ian P.

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I personally would be happy to see a Syrianair in TLV, and never let the stupidity of a region allow to enter my home PC...

If Gulf or Emirates indeed do not fly into TLV in sad life, better change this than MyTraffic.

The 744s should have different registrations, but ELY only has a few aircraft, so to get traffic densities high enough to be not boring they must be used many times.

To your reply while you posted.

If you want to remove Syrianair as example, this is a relatively easy operation using MyTraffic editor ( which cannot change the fact that you are digging in hard machine code, so have to read the manuakl at least.. All traffic is steared by laws, called preferences.

So start MyTraffic editor, read in the data base MTXV51b.myt, go to the departures tab, find any Syrianair flight there, select it, press mark forbidden button. If you want do so with other airlines. One flight per airline is OK. Save the database under another name, TLV51b.myt as example. Now your work is over, and the computer will start: Select "create schedules, files and traffic" and let it run, 2-4 hours depending on your hardware. It will end with a new set of schedules for TLV, without Syrianair. If you copied Trafficdatabasebuilder from your SDK install properly, as instructed in the manual, all should be done.

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The 752 has been painted now and will be incuded in the next version. The 738, yes I saw that they have got some now, so let us see if anybody from the paint shop shows up with blue and gray ink...

I also noticed that a part of the LLBG problems results from too less small jets, so the 738 would just fix this automatically.

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