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I want to manage the FSX 737 EFIS throught FSUIPC. What offset can use for this purpose ?

Most of the EFIS panel controls are purely panel functions and only usable with the mouse. I have long complained to MS about the number of default panel facilities with no keyboard or button configurability, let alone any way to them via "offsets".

I've always maintained that anything switchable by mouse ought also to have a way of driving it directly via FS controls or events, and feedback via token values, but still both default and add-on panels feature some such switching.

The EFIS panel functions which can be assigned (with names to match) are:

Increase decision height

Decrease decision height

Barometric std pressure

Kohlsman inc (i.e altimeter pressure setting inc)

Kohlsman dec (i.e altimeter pressure setting dec)

I'm afraid the others are only mousable, and I have no solution for them. You could use Lucian Napolitano's Key2Mouse program, to assign keypresses to make the mouse move and click, then program those keypresses to joystick buttons in FSUIPC's "Keys" tab. I don't know any other way. Even the "mouse macro" facilities I've added and am still developing won't work on those.



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