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Communication problem (fsuipc 4.28)

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I just reinstalled my pc with fs2004 and fsX

but I use two software (Navigation and British Airways Virtual OSP) that need fsuipc infos

But I had fsuipc 4.24 and now 4.28. I always have "no fsuipc communication" when I tried to use BAV OSP

And I have no gps info position in navigation when I activate fs as gps

Is there any solution?

Seems that simconnect works as I could join IVAO network.

I have vista (not sp1 updated) and fsX (sp1)

Should I install fsX sp2?


Edit:here is the start of my simconnect log

0.00000 SimConnect version 10.0.61242.0

0.46021 DLL Loaded: Path="J:\IvAp v2\ivap_fsx_bootstrap.dll" Version=""

0.51569 DLL Loaded: Path="PMDG\DLLs\PMDGOptions.dll" Version="10.0.61355.17"

0.52915 DLL Loaded: Path="PMDG\DLLs\PMDGEvents.dll" Version="10.0.61355.17"

0.54189 DLL Loaded: Path="PMDG\DLLs\PMDGSounds.dll" Version="10.0.61355.17"

0.58857 Panels data export found and set to 20A819B8

1.33929 DLL Loaded: Path="Modules\FSUIPC4.dll" Version=""

> 4.14180 [63, 1]Open: Version=0x00000003 Name="IVAO.IvAp.Bootstrap"

> 4.14217 [63, 2]SubscribeToSystemEvent:EventID=400007, SystemEventName="SimStart"

> 4.14236 [63, 3]SubscribeToSystemEvent:EventID=400004, SystemEventName="Frame"

> 4.14246 [63, 4]MapClientEventToSimEvent:EventID=500001, EventName=""

> 4.14255 [63, 5]MenuAddItem:szMenuItem="Start IvAp", MenuEventID=500001, dwData=0

> 4.14265 [63, 6]AddClientEventToNotificationGroup:GroupID=0, EventID=500001, bMaskable=0

> 4.14275 [63, 7]SetNotificationGroupPriority:GroupID=0, uPriority=1

> 4.14283 [62, 1]Open: Version=0x00000003 Name="PMDG_Options"

> 4.14294 [61, 1]Open: Version=0x00000003 Name="PMDG_Events"

> 4.14307 [60, 1]Open: Version=0x00000003 Name="PMDG_Sounds"

> 4.14319 [59, 1]Open: Version=0x00000003 Name="FSUIPC4"

> 4.14328 [59, 2]AddToDataDefinition:DefineID=-558899537, DatumName="IS USER SIM", UnitsName="Bool", DatumType=1, fEpsilon=0.000000, DatumID=0

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Edit:here is the start of my simconnect log

Sorry for the delay -- as announced here I have been on holiday.

If you still have not resolved your problem, I would need to see the FSUIPC4 log and the Install Log too, please. The start of the SimConnect log shows all is okay, that far.

FSX SP2 is better for SimConnect, especially with so many clients as you have there.



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