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A shot in the dark TCAS2v7.dll

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Hey Pete, I have run into a problem that I never ever had before. A CTD with the TCAS2v7.dll as the reason for the CTD (V 1.1.6).

I'm flying the PMDG 737 in FS9 and had this happen twice now at exactly five miles out from 24R at KLAX. Catch is I used "traffic zapper" (a great idea Pete I might add :wink: ) while on finals to rid myself of a plane ahead of me.

Could the fact I "zapped" an AI plane cause this error in TCAS2v7.dll?

I know TCAS2v7.dll is not your problem but I thought "maybe" zapping planes with FSUIPC could cause problems with TCAS2v7.dll.

Thanks in advance...

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Could the fact I "zapped" an AI plane cause this error in TCAS2v7.dll?

Well, it shouldn't, because the Zapper uses the same AI deletion routine as the Traffic Explorer add-on from MS, and the same sort of deletion is actually done automatically by FS9 if two AI get into conflict for too long. They also get deleted sometimes after being given a Go Around.

Of course it is possible that there's a bug in this TCAS DLL which doesn't like the disappearance of an entry, but if there was you'd think it would be happening quite a lot.



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