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2 questions - set a metar, and ATC flight planning

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Hi All,

2 questions for you;

- does someone have an example of setting a particular weather station (i.e. around an airfield, or even global weather programmatically) to a specific METAR, or series of values which would describe a weather scenario? Alternatively is there a 3rd party dll or solution I could use to do this? I'm interested in supporting both FS9 & FSX so using SimConnect is not an option.

- is it possible to use FSUIPC to change the FS ATC route destination at runtime? I have a program which generates a FLT & PLN file for a given route to several airports in turn (IFR), but FS ATC only ever expects you to go to the first one - once you land, shutdown, restart, you're effectively without ATC - you can use the FS flight planner, but then you loose the next legs shown on the GPS (which I load in the flt/pln). Anyone have any ideas how to do that? Reloading the FLT/PLN files at every stop is one solution, but if the user has used the Flight Planner, FS prevents that with an error - already loaded flight plan or in progress or something like that.

I want users to be able to stay in FS and tab back to my app at various airports after shutdown, then startup and head off again without reloading flight plan files and with ATC "configured" for the next leg (IFR).

Anyone have any ideas?

Many Thanks,


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