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fsuipc airwave_51.dmp file

fsuipc orbit_6.dmp file

fsuipc landmark_222.dmp file

and so on in my root dir (C:\).

It's test data produced when you press a special hotkey which is unlabelled in FS's hotKey options page, but nevertheless functions in certain versions.

Seems like you have that hot key assigned for some reason, AND you are using it? Just go to FSUIPC's HotKeys page and clear the bottom left HotKey assignment.

In FSUIPC.INI it'll be the parameter "TestHotKey".

What version of FSUIPC are you using, please?


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:lol: Thanks for the help.

My version of fsuipc is 2.975

Rightyes, that test hot key was enabled in that. Sorry if it confused you, but there's no harm done. Just delete those files, and go into the FSUIPC Hot Keys page and reset the assignment for the bottom left entry (which probably says "reserved").

In the Betas for version 3.00 I used the same system to produce binary dump files for other things, not aircraft specific data, but your message has reminded me to remove this before I issue it, this time! :)



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