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Gate assignment is a curisoty of the US major airports, wasting lots of resources and contributing to the high losses the airlines make. It must be built into the airport. Some of the largest MyTraffic airports have such assignmnets, like KIAD, KORD, KLAX, KSFO. So which airport is missing these assignments?

The way I have rebuilt the airports is using the X2AF2X tools I made two years ago. So I have AFCAD2 - compatible versions of all the aiports.If somebody who knows how to use AFCAD wants to make assignments only and change nothing else, the is welcome. Microsoft clearly states that to the maximum half of the gates of an airport should be assigned, the complete algorithm cannot work propoerly with more than half assigned at higher gate usage.

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Hi Burkhard,

I'm referring to airlines being assigned to certain terminals, not so much specific gates. I'm not sure what you mean by a "US curiosity." This last year I traveled to Brazil and found that TAM Airlines uses the A terminal in Guarulhos Intl (SBGR). I traveled to Seoul, Korea and noted that Korean Air uses primarily terminals A and B in Seoul/Inchion Airport (RKSI). Then last month to LAX to London and found that British Airlways uses terminal 4 at Heathrow (EGLL) for it's transcontinental flights, etc.

What I am seeing in MyTrafficX is planes not at the correct terminals, instead scattered all over. Is it possible to assign each airline to the correct terminal?


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I see, terminal association to alliances is more frequent than the fixed gate assignement ( that was the title of this topic) If you visit EGLL you will see this terminal association as example. Also FRA will see mainly Star alliance members at Terminal 1. KORD,KMIA, KJFX,KSFO,.... I didn't count but would say that 50 to 60 airports in MTX have this assignment. So at which airport do you think it is missing?

In order to see FSX really using the right parkings, you may have to reduce AI trafic density to a realistic value of 50% maybe. A plane will be put to free parkings only, so there always must be at least 3 free parkings for every airline ( small medium large) or the plane will park at another location.

Another thing is that the algorithm used inside FSX to calculate the best parking is a low priority one, so it will only work if your farmerate delimiter is below the actual framerate. If you run at unlimited, most of the logic of FSX is just switched off.

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Running FSX frames locked at 25. Airline traffic at 30%. Here's some shots at KSEA:

China Airlines at Concourse B


China Airlines should be at Concourse A


#1 - A little too close

#2 - Continental, America West, and Alaska all at Concourse A when they should be at Concourse B.


I am experiencing this kind of problem at every airport. Your help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the plan, I will compare with the plans I have. I think I remember that SEA has parkings assigned. De facto only the first entry of the parking list gets priority, so gate assignenments should not be done for airlines that have less than 20 flights daily into an airport - or you will complain that many PAX aircraft park on Cargo positions.

Just to go sure you are using the stock airport, no addon?

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This certainly isn't just a US thing, or an Alliance thing - for instance, using my usual example of Birmingham International (EGBB), the only airlines that use Terminal 1 (the old "Eurohub") are FlyBe and Ryanair - everyone else is across at Terminal 2 (the old "International Terminal").

From my own fiddlings with the AFD files for Belfast, I know that I could assign the two Aer Lingus gates and Aer Lingus jets would occupy them, if present. If one or both of the Irish jets were away elsewhere, an EZY, BMI or one of the other assigned aircraft occupied the spots. The only issue came when I reintroduced the default fake airlines, who took up permanent residence, as you'd expect, on the cargo spots.

From what I know of airports, though, gate allocations to airlines are the norm - primarily because you pay more to get some gates/stands than others so the bigger airlines tend to get first pick on the most accessable/preferred spots, leaving the smaller airlines to fight over the scraps.

Working out who lives where, without insider knowledge, is next to impossible, though. I certainly don't hold it against scenery or AFD designers who don't assign gates correctly!

Ian P.

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I could check this now. The gate assignement I use for the MyTraffic version of the stock SEA airport is pretty similar to the above sketch. UAL is using the northern isle, while the southern isle is unassigned.

There is one problem with China Airlines, which comes with 744 I assume. The jetways MS has added in that parcours are too narrow to place a 744 in between. I will try to do it in the small bend. maybe one can have one 744 parking there, otherwise we have to use the southern islands outer parkings for CCA.

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