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Peter: KEY seems to be taking a long time to arrive? SOLVED

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Do you know if the process actually takes 24-hours to receive the KEY? I was notified the order was processed, but yet I received nothing sent via e-mail other than a "follow this link" if I needed to check the order.

I checked with simmarket.com and left some email but no joy yet. I've been waiting for their follow-up which I assumed was automatic. There's nothing wrong with the card and my codes are auto-entered so I'm at a bit of a loss. :oops:

UPDATE: Apart from the fact I completely missed the time-zone difference, the KEY was sent at 1:20MST, I have it as I'm sure most others do who registered about the same time I did. :P

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You can expect it to take a bit longer if you're asking for a key at 2AM in the morning UK time, Pete's likely to be asleep :shock:

Well for the SimMarket payments it is done by them for me, but even so, I expect the SimMarket folks also take breaks now and then, and probably sleep more at night than I do at present!

They promise the key within 24 hours. I don't really think you can expect a 30 minute turn-a-round every time.



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