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Airports are full but no airborne traffic


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I've just recently purchased MyTraffic for FSX. I previously used Flight 1 Ultimate Traffic on FS9.

I'm quite happy with the performance of MyTraffic; most of the airports are completely full of various airliners and the FPS are good enough.

The problem is that there's no airborne traffic! I've been flying around, and I never see a single aircraft flying.

I've gone to Heathrow (busy airport) and sat there at 4X speed for about 30-45 minutes, and yes, and aircraft departs from time to time. And perhaps I see a landing or two. But that is it. Is this normal? I sure was not expecting that.

My settings:

FSX running on Windows XP

Air traffic: 70%

GA traffic: 40%

Any input would be highly appreciated.

Love the product but it's letting me down quite a bit.


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No, it is not normal. There are two differences between FSX and FS9:

1. Initiation of AI traffic, until it runs normally, takes longer, but after 20 minutes it should really be active.

2. You will not see so much bypassing traffic, since the detailed tracking does not begin 130 miles away, but maybe 20 miles away only.

At Heathrow you should see typically three or four aircraft queueing for departure. I can make a statistic of what I see with 70%.

So we have have to search for a reason, and the first thing we need to know is:

Which FSX version?

Which Operating System?

Which addons in western and northern Europe?

Which global addon?

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I found the time to check now. I initiated traffic at 10:50 GMT, conuted 106 parked planes in EGLL, and than went away from the computer for a few minutes.

Between 11:15 and 12:00 I counted 22 takeoffs and 18 landings, which is about the maximum FSX can do with two runways. A BA 744 that wanted to cross the 9R waited more than 20 minutes until there was no departing aircraft on the runway.

The settings I used were the following:

Autogen very sparse, scenery sparse ( so that one can see the aircraft moving), airliner traffic 100%, GA 0%, ground traffic 0%, normal speed. Since with these settings I got 24 fps, I limited them to 18 to ensure enough CPU to be available for ATC and AI Traffic logic.

Did you ensure that in your test yout frame rate was properly delimited, which must be very low at 4x? If you have your framerate limit above what you actually get, you order FSX to not spend CPU on low priority tasks like AI traffic.

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Thanks for the screenshots.

Well, I must apologize. I did some testing again at LEMD at 100% traffic, and let me tell you, it was crowded on the ground aswell as up in the air.

Perhaps, unrealistically too crowded, which completely cleared all my doubts. Mytraffic was working beautifully.

Thanks for all your help. Really appreciate your support.

Perhaps the file was corrupted, don't know, but what I did is to compile again the 2008 flightplan with Communicator.

One last question: 100% traffic at large airports is too crowded, but at small ones, is quite alright.

What percentage do you recommend for realistic air traffic? Perhaps 75%?

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What I did is that I determined the parameters that enter into the 100% in such a way that I looked at the two most overloaded airports I personally know from many flights and spotting visits, EGLL and EDDF, and tunes so that the traffic just is not getting into chaos and completely blocking itself. For Heathrow, this is still a bit below real world, but the FSX engine can't do better.

For many of the smaller airports, the traffic is far above real world values, most airports in real life have less than one movement per hour. So in average, 60% look like realistic. Most users want to have movements most of the time, many spotters also hate the waiting time, everything above 75% is for those.

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