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Q: DX10 and GA planes


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Hi there,

I have MyTraffic 5.1b installed on FS-X&Acceleration under Vista 64bit OS. All post 5.1b patches are installed as well (I believe).

Since I run FS-X in DX10 preview mode I selected the DX10-2008 schedules (confirmed that the four files were actually copied to the scenery folder).

Most things are well and I have seen a number of AI airliners looking fine (DX10 compatible).

Just most of the GA planes still show a plain white texture (DX10 incompatible).

Is there something special to consider with GA planes to make them DX10 compliant?



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This is slightly strange. The GA schedules for DX10 should be far smaller than for DX9, but only utilize DX10 compatible models. So could you please identify which GA aircraft series is looking white? Or maybe for some reason you still have the DX9 schedule for the GA aircraft installed?

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Here are two screenshots outlining my problem (the last one shows a Cessna taxiing; note the textured Piper in the first shot):




In my F:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\scenery folder I have numerous BG2 files and the following five:

MyCommercialRoutes.dat, 5.032.398 bytes

MyTrafficclosed.bgl, 144.087 bytes

MyTrafficcommercial.bgl, 63.947.313 bytes

MyTrafficglobal.bgl, 50.613.855 bytes

MyTrafficmil.bgl, 1.746.855 bytes

These were copied from F:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic\MT_Plans\2008_DX10.

I copied these first with via the MyTraffic Communicator, then with the batch file Traffic2008_DX10.bat and finally by hand. None of the three ways threw any error.

The result is always what you see in the screenshots.

These are my FSX settings:


My scenery config has an entry for MyTraffic somewhere in the middle of all the addons I have installed.

It directs to F:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\MyTraffic

I'm using FSX (german) plus the Acceleration pack (more or less equal to SP2).

Operating system is Vista Home Premium 64bit edition.

Grfx card is a 8800GTX (768MB ram) - not overclocked. Driver is Forceware 177.92

CPU is a Q6600 overclocked to 3.9 Ghz (watercooled)

4GB of ram are in the system

Hope this helps to resolve the issue!



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No, this is excluded to have an effect. I absolutely never recommend to uninstall any FS addon - this is the worst thing you can do to FSX - unistall 3 addons and you have to install FSX from scratch, uninstall three programs and you install Windows from scratch.

I assume you really have version 5.1b and not 5.1a installed. 5.1b for GA almost only uses the stock supplied models, like the Cessna and the Piper. When you fly the stock Cessna or the stock King air, do they show up textured or not?

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I checked myself now, and do not see any white GA planes under DX10 preview.

Since I identify a white King Air in the background, maybe we concentrate to King Airs, that should be easier to track. Do you have under MyTraffic\aircraft a folder with name Beech_king_air or similar?

Did you install an original 5.1b, or was this an update? When, can you tell me the details - if you do not want on the forum by PM?

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I'm pretty sure it was a full install of 5.1b.

Although I'm a longterm user of previous installs, I bought the 5.1b version in July from simmarket and installed that file onto FS-X.

As far as the folders are concerned, I have 135 subdirectories in my MyTraffic\aircraft folder.

There is a "Beech1900MX" folder, but no "Beech_king_air".

The "Beech1900MX" folder contains the following subdirectories:






plus an aircraft.cfg and a Beech_B1900D.air file.

The 20 texture folders cotain five bmp files each:






btw: I'll be out of town on a business trip for the next three days.

I will be able to post again on Friday.



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The white aircraft we see is no Beech 1900, but a King Air. This got installed as a FS9 plane by earlier versions of MyTraffic, but correctly isn't installed now. Indeed, MyTraffic only uses the stock paint of the King Air. So, somehow on your system there must be a KingAir in FS8 or FS9 format, so either third party, the FS9 model or the FSX RTM/SP1 model, and not from MyTraffic, using the stock title. Under simobjects\airplanes, do you have several King Air folders, or what is the contents of the King air folder there. Something looks like manipulated with your stock GA aircraft.

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There is no way an uninstall and reinstall of an FSX addon can improve things, as FS9 was and still more FSX is done it must make things worse. So only a complete removal of all addon, of FSX, of all the spread FSX cofiguration folders, and a reinstall of FSX into a completely fresh folder can help unless you want to understand what the problem is, which I would prefer in this case.

You correctly see that MyTraffic comes with no King Air, indeed it doesn't come with it and only uses the stock king air from simobjects\airplanes. So something must be done there by another addon or whatever, and has nothing to do with MyTraffic. Could you look for any King Air folder you have and into the config files of them, are there two models somewhere? Could you zip all the aircraft.cfgs of King Airs and add them here?

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I guess I have found the source of the problem - and I'm in the wrong forum ;-)

When I installed the add-on German Airfields 9 a number of aircraft were installed:










I strongly believe these are the non-textured aircraft I see.

Removing these folders should resolve the problem if I'm not mistaken.

I'll give it a try now and report back soon.



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Indeed !

The untextured aircraft are gone after removing the CR... folders!

The only interesting thing left is this funny fella here:


The Cessna (172 I guess) is textured with pilot and everything, but with no markings at all.

But now that I know where to look I will be able to solve this.

Many, many thanks for pointing this out to me!

I was under the impression that MyTraffic is using the aircraft in the MyTraffic folder only. It never occurred to me, that it uses all aircraft in SimObjects\Aircraft for AI flights!



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FSX contains one pure white Cessna, but if you look in detail you see that it is texztured, just pure white. Yes, we use that one too. Which brings me to the eternal discusion of pure white planes.

There are many planes flying in pure white. Mostly wet charters, Air Atlanta Icelandic has many pure white aircraft, and so have others. In EDDF, I live under approach, we have three to five pure white aircraft per day, most of them 747-200 Freighters. Does nobody see them elsewhere? Many of them have even no national flag, and the registration is of microscopic size, and mostly Nxxxxx, some VP-, TF- ( that will be the Air Atlanta ones ).

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