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ILS airport LOWI Innsbruck

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Hello Mister Francois,

I think you did not understand what Volker mean. The ILS on a airport are readed informations from your FS Scenery. Thes informations are not included in Airac and not in FSC-Code. You have a Problem with your Scenery. I have the GAP-Scenery an no Proplem with this.

Regards Eric


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Thank Eric for your answer.

Problem appeared since the installation of Airac 810.

A new ILS is represented for Rwy 08 fréquency 109,70. The défault is that the cone of ILS is represented outside of the airport

With Airac 711 installed by origin on FSC the airport LOWI is as that represented on your message.

Regrettably I did not make back-up of Airac installed before

Regards Francois

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Hello Francois,

one again, this is not a Problem with Airac 0810. I´m runing also the 0810 and I have not this Problem with this Version. I recommand to make the following:

1. Backup your entire FSC Directory (We will be carefull).

2. Delete the Airport.fsc and the ils.fsc files, they are lacated in FSC\database\FS09 or FS10(whatever your fly).

3. let running now the FSCdbmanager.

I hope the ghost ils is now desappeared. :wink:

Regards Eric

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Hi Eric,

I think, what Rolands screenshoot shows is correct and in your sreenshoot is the west prozedure missing. Have a look at the copies from the corresponding east and west procedure below (act. nDAC charts). You'll see that the west procedure doesn't point to the airport, but to a point (LLZ 109.7 OEJ) some miles east of LOWI.

And thats the reason for the "ghost".

BTW: How did get the river in your screenshoot ?




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