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Unable to disable default FSX traffic


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I'm running MyTrafficX 5.2 and despite the fact that I selected "disable FSX default traffic" the default traffic keeps appearing which hammers my framerate.

I searched the forum and one possible solution was to disable any 3rd party sceneries that has its own traffic but I no such scenery installed on my FSX. I'm only running Ground Environment X, Ultimate Terrain X, and occasionally, TileProxy. Other than that, no 3rd party sceneries or airports installed.

Any ideas?

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Most likely the solution is very simple. Please browse to the folder scenery\world\scenery. If there is a file trafficAircraft.bgl and trafficAircraft.bgl.passive, delete the first one.

Most likely you ran a so called "repair" of FSX, which one works if you have no addon installed and is strictly forbidden after you add a single addon.

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No picture attached.

Such a file can be in any scenery folder, including all addon airports.

If a simple file system search on anything below the FSX main folder does not give candidates, the algorithm to find it is a trivial bubble one.

Move MyTraffic in the scenery library below addon_scenery and propellor objects as it should be.

Now, disable all sceneries above addon scenery inclusive. Start FSX. If it is gone, you know it is in an addon folder. End FSX! Do not make the following without restarting FSX every time!

Next, enable the lower half of your addons, Start FSX again, if it is back you know in which half it is. So even with 256 addons installed you just need 8 FSX starts to isolate it.

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In my previous post I uploaded the image to Imageshack.com Is Imageshack blocked on your end?

Out of frustration I uninstalled and reinstalled FSX but I'm still seeing default FSX traffic along with My Traffic X aircraft.

EDIT: I just want to clarify that I see the default FSX general avation planes in addition to My Traffic X's planes. As far as I can tell, I am not seeing FSX's generic airliners, just the general aviation planes.

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Oh boy, I deserve a slap for that one. :oops:

I assumed "disable FSX traffic" in the communicator would disable ALL default FSX traffic.

So, my next question is, can the default FSX general aviation aircraft be disabled altogether? They are rather frame rate hungry.

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Ahhhh I see. I assumed FSX's default GA planes caused a frame rate hit because when I run TileProxy I have to keep the frame rate limited to around 20 or so to avoid blurry scenery. But with frame rate limiter on along with GA traffic enabled the frame rate plummets well below what I have the FPS slider set at. If I disable GA traffic altogether the frame rate hovers near my selected setting. Interestingly enough I only see this problem with only GA aircraft and not airliner traffic.

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