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Problems on start up


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May I ask for a few more details please?

1) Are you using STB on the same computer as FSX?

2) Which version of FSX, RTM, SP1 or SP2/Acceleration?

3) When you say you have started FSX, you mean after loading a flight? The earliest time STB can connect is when the FSX GUI is shown (where you select your aircraft, airport etc).

4) Can you send a screenshot please of what it looks like 1 minute after pressing the connect button?



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yes I am using STB and FX on the same computer, I am using SP1. The STB is blank and it states connecting to Flight Sim, but doesnt seem to ever connect.

I think you emailed me and I replied, but just in case I'll put some suggestions here too:

SX SP1 uses TCP/IP on your computer to talk between itself and applications like SuperTrafficBoard. That's not very efficient, it's just the way it is. The reason it becomes a problem is the communications have to go through any firewalls you have and are easily blocked there. So the first thing to check is whether any 3rd party or the default Microsoft firewall are blocking the communication. If you are experienced in such things you can check your firewall to see if FSX is blocked. If not, a simple test is to disable all firewalls for a moment and see if that resolves the problem. When doing so, I'd recommend for safety that your internet connection is turned off.

Another option, and my recommendation is to upgrade to FSX SP2 (or Acceleration). In SP2 the communications infrastructure is much improved, and does not involve TCP/IP when both STB and FSX are on the same computer. That might resolve your problem straight away, and perhaps bring some other benefits to your FSX experience.

If neither of these suggestions work for you, I can guide you to perform a Simconnect trace and STB trace to see in a little more detail what is happening.



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Hello Simon

SP1 is installed. Vista 32.

And here is, I think, the most important passage from trace.log:

19.02.2009 11:37:42.963: Connected to Flight Simulator.

19.02.2009 11:37:42.967: SimConnect.RequestDataOnSimObject(dataRequest:PERIODIC_SIGNAL, dataDefinition:NOW_TIME, fsObjectID:0, SIMCONNECT_PERIOD.ONCE, SIMCONNECT_DATA_REQUEST_FLAG.DEFAULT, 0, 0, 0)

19.02.2009 11:37:42.968: SimConnect.RequestDataOnSimObject(dataRequest:PERIODIC_SIGNAL, dataDefinition:NOW_TIME, fsObjectID:0, SIMCONNECT_PERIOD.SECOND, SIMCONNECT_DATA_REQUEST_FLAG.CHANGED, 0, 60, 0)

19.02.2009 11:37:42.969: SimConnect.RequestDataOnSimObject(dataRequest:USER_COORDINATES, dataDefinition:COORDINATES, fsObjectID:0, SIMCONNECT_PERIOD.ONCE, SIMCONNECT_DATA_REQUEST_FLAG.DEFAULT, 0, 0, 0)

19.02.2009 11:37:42.969: SimConnect.RequestDataOnSimObject(dataRequest:USER_COORDINATES, dataDefinition:COORDINATES, fsObjectID:0, SIMCONNECT_PERIOD.SECOND, SIMCONNECT_DATA_REQUEST_FLAG.CHANGED, 0, 0, 0)

19.02.2009 11:37:42.990: *** SimConnect Exception received: VERSION_MISMATCH (5)

19.02.2009 11:37:42.990: *** SimConnect Exception details: fsObjectID 1, SendID 1

19.02.2009 11:39:54.119: Flight Simulator connection closed

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That's saying you are trying to use a more advanced level of the simconnect client to talk to an older (FSX) simconnect server. It is possible you have used SP2 or acceleration at some point and gone back to SP1? Perhaps everything did not go back correctly.

In any case, the next steps are:

- Start STB, don't connect. Press the settings button and go to the statistics tab. Tell me everything it says in the software level section.

- In FSX, load a flight, the from the action bar choose "Help" and then "About". Either send a screen shot, or tell me what is says in the line starting "10.0......"



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Super traffic Board Version

Flight Simulator Client Version


Flight Simulator Server Version



10.0.61357.0 (fsx-sp1.20070619-2249)

In fact, I did not try to install acceleration in Vista.

But I did so in XP on another computer. Then I deinstalled it there and after that installed STB - it worked fine.

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