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New version of Patches 5.2- SoundPatch for MTXV52


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Dear friends,

a new version of the Patches is available for download now, which should fix all the little observations here but those I have forgotten. :)

What makes it special today is that it exchanges the Communicator by a version that downloads the new sound patches that I uploaded too.

If you do not upload through the Communicator, the files are


http://www.fsrail.com/MTXV52Patchsound_FR.exe French version

http://www.fsrail.com/MTXV52Patchsound_GE.exe German version

http://www.fsrail.com/MTXV52Patchsound_SP.exe Spanish version

http://www.fsrail.com/MTXV52Patchsound_US.exe US/English version

If your soundfile is working, it always is a good idea to make a backup of sound\atc\usenglishbig.gvp before you apply the sound Patch.

under http://www.fsrail.com/MTXV52Patchsound.exe you can find a sound patch for all the 4 languages.

The 5.2 sound patches can be applied to the stock sound file, or to the one modified by the 5.0 Sound Patch. It cannot be applied to any sound file modified by another program. If you didn't upgrade to version 5.2 yet, the sound file should also fix most of the missing sounds for version 5.1.

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A new patch is uploaded, adding a few schedules to Heathrow, fixing the BER F100 and the PIA 772LR engines, plus the Dash8 rotation point. Note that it installes the latest version of the communicator as MyTrafficCommunicator1.exe to avoid the overwrite problem.

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The Patch to MyTraffic 5.2 contains all the little corrections and user wishes since 5.2 release. You can download it via the communicator. The crossover with the ATC is that, after you apply this patch, the communicator can download the new soundpatches instead of those that were available at 5.2 release.

So, if you install MTXV52 to your FSX, run this patch and the soundpatch and you are up to date.

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i have downloaded and launched the sound patch, but i can't install it because it tells me: "your language version is not supported by this version. Please refer to the manual how to proceed"

what manual is it? what do i have to do?

any help would be more than appreciate because often the fsx atc tells only the flight number of the ai aircraft, and rarely says the airline


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I need original an Italian Sound file to create a sound Patch for it. If you can help me and upload this file for me, then I can add support for the Italian version to MyTraffic 5.3, without such a file the next chance will be with the following major realease in autumn 2011.

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