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Updates... then what


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I have tried to find answer in manual but i cant... when in the My Traffic Communicator and i press updates and it downloads what do i have to do next to take advantage of said update... Thanks been working alot of days and nights a little short on obvious things right now...

Also is there a way to limit certain types of traffic.... my vision would leave all cargo and heavy traffic and cut down a bit on the commutor traffic at all airports

Thanks in advance


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Once the patch is downloaded, it runs a little extract program to deploy the files. There's a little window with a list of files, but it can get done very quickly. Since the lastest patch contains a new version of communicator, you can verify the patch is installed by restarting communicator and checking whether you now have an menu item to download the voicepacks.

As a footnote, when I downloaded the patch it had a problem saying that communicator could not be replaced since it was in use. Presumably this was because I had communicator open to download the patch. I closed it, navigated to the folder containing the downloaded patch and ran it again. No errors this time and an updated communicator. I was running Vista 64 with UAC off.



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Hey thanks for replys.. In download section i press patches button it always downloads something and then extracts.... so i am asking do i have to rebuild my traffic scenario again or do the patches automatically apply. and by rebuilding my traffic scenario again i just pick dx10 2008 schedule and it rebuilds it self right..

also can i remove earilier version 51.b or does it need to stay ?

Trying to get a handle of this

thanks in advance


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Once Patches52.exe has executed, nothing more needs to be done, it just has exchanged some files by better version.

If, before installing 5.2, you renamed the MyTraffic folder to MyTraffic51b, and now you are happy, you can delete it. If you just installed over the MyTraffic folder, you shouldn't do anything, the oonyl file you could delete is MyTraffic51b.myt if you want.

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