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David T

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I bought MTX 5.2. There are many planes in the airport, but I saw some problems as following pictures. :(

1: Like next to the runway, there are four big lights. But when I turn on MTX 5.2, there are only two lights. Many airports have this problem.



2: In Hong Kong airport, the green tower is gone.



Then I went to libray, turn off MTX 5.2. These two problems are gone.

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Thanks for the Hong Kong, this hasn't been seen by several thousand users over more than a year, but I think I know what to do there.

On the Papi 2 vs Papi 4 issue, that is a technical limitation of the process to enhance the airports. If you tell me runway name and airport of an example I can try to fix it in that example.

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The airport name is St.Lous INIT (ID:KSTL ) U.S.A.

The runway is 30L.

I also see 30R, 12L.12R,06, 24,those runways have the same problem in KSTL.

The TNCM runway 09 ,RCTP 05 (Taiwan), VHHH 07L (Hong Kong)...too many.

I think if the runway has that lights, it will have the same problem.

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Just unpack it with any unpacker, from winzip to 7zip or whazever, you then get a file with extension .bgl, and you can put this file into MyTraffic\scenery . If you don't have a tool to open rar files, I attach them unpacked ( which bear the risk that a damage over download is not detected externally and a faulty file might cause a FSX crash, but in this case if you add one only you know what you did. Sorry does not work it is not allowed to add .bgl. All I can do is to zip instead of rar.

@Kambiz Which tool are you using to modify the aiports? I see that they are much smaller than the stock resp. MyTraffic airport, so a section must be missing.


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@David please test this version of TNCM. There was a small error in the compilation of the above file which may prevent approach information from being displayed.

@Burkhard the reason for the smaller file size in KSTL is due to the fact that I removed the approach code that was nestled within the airport scenery section of the file. I have included a tag in the modified BR2_KSTL so fsx will include the stock approach code. If the approach code in the original BR2_KSTL file was different than the fsx stock code I will need to recompile the airport scenery and add back in the approach code. The modified xml with approach code included is saved as my base so it's easy to do.

The tools I use are bgl2xml, wordpad to modify by hand, and the sdk.2 compiler. If I modify taxiways or runways or scenery objects I use ADE.

In the case of TNCM, I removed the approach code but forgot to add the tag in the xml so fsx will add stock approach code. The TNCM file attached here corrects that issue.

My suggestion to David and anyone else who wishes to test these two files is to add them (one by one during testing) to the addon scenery\scenery folder. Add a .passive to the end of the equivalent BR2_ file located in the Mytraffic\scenery folder. Test all aspects of the airport including the approach information, which should be listed in the gps.


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Airports are complex programs of 100000 or more lines. Kambiz has worked many hours on these two airports - it cannot change others, to change let us say 50 airport will be 200 hours of work...

Once I have the time to look into this I might try to find a mechanism to isolate the differences and change them in a faster way, but still this is nothing that can be done quick in a month or so...

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