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Ronald Bleeker

What do I do wrong ?

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Yesterday I bought and installed the FS2004 version of MyTraffic. Installation went OK (into my e:\FS2004) but after starting FS2004 no AI traffic is there, only the default MS FS2004 stuff.

In the aircraft list all MY aircraft are shown. I think I still must do something (slide in Options - Traffic is set to 75 %) but what ?.

Thanx for the help. By the way, I only looked in EHAM (Amsterdam), but this should be covered I assume

Ronald :(

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Hi Ronald,

Please check if you have a MyTraffic.bgl file located in your [FS9]/Scenery/World/Scenery folder. If not, it is likely that setup failed to run the compile procedure at the end of the install. To fix this, just run the trafficbat file in your FS2004 folder and the MyTraffic.bgl file will automatically be compiled. Start FS once thats done and you should see MyTraffic in action.

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I had the same problem during the installation. The installer located my FS9 folder on the same partition, where XP is installed, but FS9 is on a different one. I didn't notice it during my first installation attempt, and this one ends up with error messages during the compile process.

I tried it again and with the right path to FS2004 and what happens after the installation? Nothing at all, no compiler, no call signs and no traffic.

I compiled the traffic with the editor and now My Traffic2004 works.

It seems to me that the installer did not check the registry for the FS2004 location, so this problem could happen to everyone who has FS2004 not installed on the same partition as Win XP or any other OS.

Nothing is written about this problem in the manual, and there is another incorrect statement: You can also run MyTrafficSoundPatch.exe from the CD manually. There is no such file, because the download only contains the MyTraffic2004.exe. The only way to use this file is to take it from the temp directory which is created during the main installation process, but if you quit the installer after the installation all temp files are deleted.

I used MT2004 only for making the screenshots for simmarket (most of them are also on the MyTraffic website :wink: ), but I work also on a review for simflight.de. I hope you can fix this problem for the unexperienced users or add a better explanation to the manual.

However I like My Traffic 2004 very much :D and will use it for the next two years.

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I tried to run the batch file but then get this error :


E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>TrafficDataBaseBuilder /airports=MyAirports.dat /AircraftTy

pes=MyAircraft.dat /Routes=MyRoutes.dat /autoroute=no /output=Mytraffic.bgl

MyAircraft.dat(0): error: Unable to open aircraft type data in MyAircraft.dat

E:\FS2004\MyTraffic>copy MyTraffic.bgl ..\scenery\world\scenery\MyTraffic2.bgl

The system cannot find the file specified.


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Hi Olaf,

Thanks for the tips on the manual. I'll update it and upload a new one.


Glad to learn that your problem has been solved!

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