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Issues with Models & Navigation Lights


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When will the navigation lightis be corrected on the models for MTX 5.2? For example, no lights on any of the rotary aircraft, little or no lighting of any kind on several of the military aircraft, and incorrect or missing navigation lighting on commercial airliners. And when will acceptable models of the light GA aircraft be made available (e.g., the C206 is absolutely horrid...).

Here are my quick findings just for the Navigation lights on many of the airliners:

MTX 5.2: Nav Light Errors:

Navigation Lights Reversed (i.e., Green and Left are on the incorrect sides)






Bae 146-200

Bae 146-300

Beech 1900C/D




Saab 340

No Navigation Lights modelled













Challenger 300

Challenger 604

Challenger 850

CRJ 200





Some idea on when these models and issues will be corrected, or not, would be appreciated.

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Since it is a long list, I have to verify each of it if it individually. But maybe a key to the question is that all lights, including the navigation lights, of many models, are coupled to the "light" state that you choose - so switch your general lights on and the models will get their lights too. On the sides to my notes these are the aircraft that were fixed in the actual patch. Maybe you can check that after you apply the patch the dates of the mdl files are from now and not last winter this spring.

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Let me add that navigation lights as well as landing lights are treated by MyTraffic X in a new, unique way, which is one of the reasons that two MyTraffic X planes take less frames than one ( far less detailed) Traffic X plane.

On the GA models, building models for FSX is far more complex than it was for FS9, dpending on how many parts of other models can be reused it talkes between 100 and 300 hours of work per model. Now that all Western Airliners have been made, the order of things will be that next are the Eastern airlines ( Il, Tu, Yak, ) which can be achieved next early summer I hope, than a selection of military that can be done in about a year and a selection of GA planes planned for first half of 2010.

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