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AI Ignoring ATC


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I got myTraffic 2006 with the purchase of myTraffic X, but I cannot use myTraffic X on my computer because it is just a slideshow most of the time. So I thought I would give 2006 a shot.

But I can't understand why the aircraft added by myTraffic 2006 do not seem to care that I am there. I have tried the default ATC as well as Radar Contact. Both do the same thing. This also happens with or without AISmooth running.

The scenario: I'm on approach and a plane zooms by me and heads in to land. No separation, no consideration for my clearance.

What is going on? Have read the manual but perhaps I'm missing something???

BTW, I love the amount of planes this program adds. I am very impressed with the diversity and I hope I can get this corrected soon.

Thanks in advance,


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Flight Simulator ATC is unconcered with airspace separation so often vectors AI aircraft and you into the same airspace. As far as I recall, AISmooth has an option to "push" AI aircraft that conflict with the user aircraft out of the way (as does FSCommander I think), although it will only do it up to a certain threshold during approach. Do you have that option turned on?



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Thanks, Simon. Yes, such a separation is not programmed into FS9 and not into FSX. If thousands of you use the many ways that exist now to contact MS it may be they give some resources to develop this for FS2011. Spread it on forums you know MS to watch, use tell_ms, contact your regional Microsoft team.

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Thanks but I cannot find a "push" option as you say. Can you post the exact setting for me that might be set incorrectly?

Here are the setting choices in AISmooth 1.20 (default):

Distance of AI aircraft to landing aircraft [NM] = 3.0000

Distance of user aircraft to landing aircraft [NM] = 5.0000

Heading range for intercept = 40 deg

Global approach fix distance [NM] = 10.00000

Minimum separation time [sec] = 60

User plane response = checked

Show ATC messages = checked

Minimum IFR Holding Altitude [ft MSL] = 1000.00000

Landing release altitude [ft AGL] = 5.00000

Minimum centerline distance [NM] = 2.00000

Poll interval [msec] = 1000

Control Batchsize = 5

Command delay [msec] = 50

Reduce speed on approach = unchecked

Use dynamic speed table = checked

Speak ATC messages = unchecked

None of these sound like they have anything to do with keeping the herd moving out of my way or pushing...


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