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Super Traffic Board V2.1 goes Gold!


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With many thanks to the amazing commitment of the beta team, I'm delighted to say that Super Traffic Board V2.1 has reached gold status. This means over the next few days it will be sent to the publishers, and you'll be able to download it just as soon as they can get it online. V2.1 adds many new features (and fixes a few little bugs ;-) ), and now the features are fixed I'll be talking more about them over the next days. The update is free of charge to existing customers.



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Here's the new feature list for V2.1, coming real soon now.

• New operational modes, Pilot Mode and Spotter Mode. Each mode determines how SuperTrafficBoard presents data, for the best possible experience when flying or just observing.

• New interactive commands:

o Move inbound aircraft to the stand (for instance if they are blocking your user aircraft but you don’t want to loose them).

o Shadow AI, enabling a better experience for AI aircraft with some 3rd party scenery packages and a preview for new camera angles.

o Slew On/Off for AI aircraft, enabling you to pause and resume AI aircraft.

• Extended Flight Controller feature offering further AI automation:

o Capture inbound aircraft that are deleted by Flight Simulator to relieve taxi way congestion, and recreate the aircraft with a schedule at an arrival stand.

o Rescue aircraft that are stuck in pre/post flight support, and send them on their way. Aircraft that cannot be rescued are deleted, releasing the parking for others.

• Departures may be configured to remain on the traffic board for a period after they have left the simulation area.

• Upper case text support to simulate vintage real world traffic boards.

• Use a Flight Simulator Paint Title to override a particular airline callsign (within SuperTrafficBoard), so that multiple airlines using the same callsign can be configured differently. Examples of this include “United” and “Ted”, and “Virgin Atlantic” and “Virgin Blue”.

• Improvements to the positional stability of the board when data is changing rapidly. The selected row remains highlighted, and row sort order is preserved.

• Improved first time installation and configuration experience through the Deployment tab in the Settings Notebook.

More details on each of these to come.



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