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Just a couple of things I am not quite sure off.

1.Do I have to be flying when calibrating the yoke,but not when assigning the buttons.

2.Do I have to disable the yoke in FSX

3.Is it alright as long as the axis in fsuipc are the same as FSX,

Ok thats 3...Please don't tell me to look in the manual,as I have done that,but find it very confusing..although now I do

understand the basics,and just got myself a new Saitek Yoke etc..for Christmas,I would like to try and calibrate it with FSUIPC.


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1. No you can do it on the ground.

2. You can do if you have assigned all axis direct in FSUIPC, but there is no need to do this. Leave the assignments set up in FSX and just calibrate them in FSUIPC while you are still learning FSUIPC as this is the simplest option.

3. An axis can only be assigned either in FSUIPC or FSX, never do both as they just fight against one another and cause problems.

Also its worth checking once in a while that FSX hasn't automatically added the axis back in FSX, as it does this sometimes when you unplug a joystick then plug it back in again.

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